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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   Ella Es Tan Seductora

I like it, the way her legs shake, how she bending
Big booty and all that's how I remember it
Eyes looking seductive. Made a big impression the first time we met
She speaking Spanish
Sounding so sexy. Lil mamacita but she stacked
very lively but not too wild
besides her light skinned face
her eyes got me wanting to stare at her for a while
She doing some gypsy dance pulling me out on the floor
Titties bouncing as she approach
So perky Moving it with so much class
Is this her routine? Never met her before and I'm not to big on the club seen
Something about her seemed so innocent, I just cant place it
Giving me hints the way she move like she wanting to make love
I can picture it now
Candles light, some wine trying to set the mood right
She a Latina something about that word on my tongue drives me wild
her black hair brown eyes, got me hooked, she just make me smile

It's been hours dancing, I'm drenched she aint even broke a sweat
She got that sweet smell to her. its natural
No one can capture he sent. I'm going for her heart
She remind me of a western romance novel, sweep me off my feel
Took me to a new place. She stay in shape
check the definition of them legs. her silhouette alone
would bring a man to his knees
I'm on the same level as her truly feeling it
A vibe set a night not to forget. there will be more
hopefully filled with more passion
I can just imagine tongue kissing, fondling each other in the bed
Not all I want. but what's a relationship with out sex?
Making love as I call it, As well as the shots
But I want her to take charge. My body is hers
She can do it her way, whatever she like
how she want it, and that's how I want it
I know she know some things
I hope she bring them dance moves to the bedroom