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Artist: C-Murder f/ Mystikal 
Album:  Trapped in Crime       
Song:   What You Bout 
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[M] You motherfucking well right. 
[C] What's happ'. Motherfucking well right 
[M] BUCK! BUCK! Here I go boy. 504 still up in this BITCH! 
[C] Nigga, TRU Records in this bitch ya dig
It's a No Limit thang boy. 
[M] Nigga, if you aint bout that motherfucking drama 
and all that other crazy ass shit, get the fuck out the club nigga
[C] Ke'noe
[M] Ya heard me

Chorus 2x: Mystikal (C-Murder) 
What you bout boy (What you bout boy) 
Thugged out boy (Thugged out boy) 
From the South boy (From the South boy) 
Shut ya mouth boy (Shut ya mouth boy)             

Kept telling a motherfucker they aint gon' feel us, see us, hear us 
These niggas from the 504 the realest, TRU ghetto godzillas 
Ya'll niggas tryna keep up with the man
ya'll motherfuckers need to keep up with the time 
Fuck all that other shit, come up with the beat
I'ma come up with the rhyme 
The dome splitter, natural born zone ripper 
Hold my own nigga, big tyme pistol gripper 
I told ya ass, you can't say my name with a dick in yo mouth 
It done happened already, you know I'm coming to fuck up the crowd 
Any how, got ya hands down might as well have yo pants down 
Bout this Bout it Bout it, so nigga don't FUCK AROUND 
The man hot, stand out 
Got the whole clout, represent the whole South 

What you bout, I'm bout that drama, step to me and let's handle it 
A nigga out the South, with golds in his mouth, straight out of Louisiana 
The boot, we quick to shoot, the 504 I'm representing 
TRU niggas on the tank, N-L for life, down south, No Limit 
Deadly Soundz bring the noise for them boyz who be dumping with them heaters 
And I bring them lyrics that'll have them killers fighting like mosquitos 
Break bread with killers and hang with thugs, 
nigga went to jail for slangin drugs
Now I'm free, just me and the streets
aint fucking with a nigga if he aint fucking with me 
But if it go down, I'm ready to ride, I aint scared, I'm ready to die 
Nigga be glad I punched you in yo eye, coulda made yo mama cry 
Don't play me boy, I aint no toy, thugged out from the South boy 
Fucking with No Limit will get yo dragged out yo house boy