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Artist: Bun B f/ Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   Slow It Down
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[Intro: Bun B]
Ay, pass the mids, man
It's 'bout to go down

[Chorus: Big K.R.I.T.]
Rolling 'round, my window barely down
Smokin to ease the stress
Sunshine on my chrome while the woofer sounds
Sometime the rain's the best
When we blow it down, blow it down
Blow it down...
When we slow it down, slow it down
Slow it down, the rain's the best when we

[Bun B]
Late night when it's quiet and the grind's slow (slow)
When I wanna just relax and let my mind go (go)
I grab some kind 'dro and roll it up and light it (roll it up and light it)
Then sit back and try to not get too excited (too excited)
I don't talk loud (loud) I don't move fast (fast)
Chill yo' ass out before you let the mood pass (pass)
Catch a vibe while you can when you get one (one)
Then sit back and hit the square 'til the shit done (done)
Shotgun, gas mask shit or just a B (B)
You can roll one for you but this one's just for me (me)
I cut some corners by myself cause I don't need a crowd (crowd)
All I need is a lighter and a pack of loud (loud)
Yeah I smoke with you but right now I'ma smoke with me (me)
And when I'm done maybe you could take a toke with me (me)
But for now it's just me takin it easy peez (peez)
Smokin on trees then partakin in some CBD's


[Bun B]
I'm ridin solo baby, one deep in the whip (whip)
With a big fat Swisher Sweet up on my lip (lip)
I'm on them back streets where one-time never go (go)
So I'm about to get bent, you already know (know)
I light it up and take a deep pull to my chest (chest)
Man goddamn, this that good, nothin but the best (best)
I try to hold it in but can't cause it's too strong (strong)
I blow it out, but by then a nigga too gone (gone)
Man, I been smokin since Cheech Marin met Tommy Chong (Chong)
But hit me with that real potent kill and I'll be gone (gone)
The shit that I be on (on) it put the best to bed (bed)
That one hitter, you gon' need somewhere to rest your head (head)
Sometimes I just get my pen and fill it up with wax (wax)
Take a couple pulls to the head and just relax (relax)
I got the loudest of the packs but I'm quiet though
Laid back, livin in the moment, you know how it go