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Artist: Bun B f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   Rudeboi
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Yeah you know
Oh, I

Bless, and you'll be respected (respect)
Respect, the ways of the old (iiiii)
Cause when a rudeboy, has no place for acceptance (has no place for acceptance)
The day, Selassie I come, hear me now! (Oh, I)

[Bun B]
Check, check, check out my melody (my melody)
I got the killer flow, call it lyrical felony (lyrical felony)
I got more melanin than Melanie
So motherfuck what a fuckboy is tellin me, I'm lit so they inhalin me
Since I'm iller, no man be triller
No woman no cry, fuck her, I didn't feel love (didn't feel love)
Pass the plantain, take a shot of tequila
Selector, come back, rewind now, wheeler!
I get respect on every road that I travel on
Cause me not deal with the fuckery of Babylon
Them haffi know me, I the don, no lie
So man dem back off when we walk by
Selassie I come!


[Bun B]
We comin straight from the motherland (motherland)
And it's designed for the mind of my brother man
Who put it together? No other, man
And we came to tell it to the world, we can't keep it undercover, man
Roots and culture, shaped up and sculptured
No you can't have it back, you pussyclaat vulture
You're dealin bombaclaat business, don't test me now
Cause man a real shotta boy, you nah stress me now
Pass the ganja, inhale the flavor
Praise the most high boy, respect your savior
Rudeboy behavior, second to none
Man dem run when I rum-pum-pum-pum
Selassie I come!


[Lil Wayne - over Chorus]
What up, boy no fires
Uh, murder

[Lil Wayne]
Grew up such a rudeboy, now me just a rudeman
+I Am Not a Human+, pocket full of blue man
Walkin 'pon the stars gets me higher than a moon man
Send him to his ancestors, family reunion
Young Mula bitch, them no more run with mi squadron
Dem say dem some goons, what's a goon to a goblin?
UnderGround King, Likkle Wayne, dreadlock Rasta
She say she a queen, she play games, she play possum
Tunechi got +No Ceilings+, yeah but Tunechi got more millions
The snake on me two billion, the fuck with the reptilian
Hit you from your blindside, got goons in your peripheral
Bun B a legend, period, rest in peace Pimp, I sip for ya