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Artist: Bun B f/ Giggs
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   Never Going Back
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{"B. Barber"}

[Chorus: Bun B]
I used to live up in the projects, in a duplex
Even a shotgun shack - and man I'm never goin back
I used to be out on the block late night, dark alleys
With a pocket full of crack - and man I'm never goin back
I had friends turned to foes, hate behind closed do's
Plottin on me for my stacks - and man I'm never goin back
Cause I've never been as blessed as I am right now
And that's a motherfuckin fact - so I'm never goin back

[Bun B]
I lived more in one life than your whole family tree (tree)
Now I'm ready to be the man that life demands me to be (be)
I'm down to take the wheel and drive so go on and hand me the key
And when it's done everyone gon' really understand he's a G (G)
I'm never bitin off more than I can chew
And I tolerate you suckas even if I can't stand you
Not only am I a man but I'm the band and a brand too
So I understand the kind of shit these haters can hand you
I seen a lot of pain and struggle (struggle) hardships in my days (days)
And the devil comin at me all kind of fuckin ways (ways)
There was plays when the lick went bad, we had to draw down
No honor amongst thieves, they hate and bring the law down
Cutthroat savages, kill you and make sandwiches
Promise this world got more drama than you can manage, shit
Somehow I fought my way up out of the zoo
Then turned around and said "Motherfuck you"
Cause man I'm never goin back


Stack proper, stat popper
I just landed, in the black chopper
And the chat stopper, pop-pop, strapped proper
In that black cabinet is the fat copper
Give a little, take, and then what you got? (got)
Pockets gettin raped, niggaz gettin shot (yeah)
Think cause we got cake, niggaz gettin soft (soft)
Any disrespect, niggaz gettin boxed (straight)
If they bring that plate, niggaz gettin scoffed (scoffed)
Pull up like police, niggaz gettin stopped (skrrt!)
Drag him out the car, niggaz gettin chopped (chopped)
Punch him in the mouth, niggaz gettin socked
Even when you're tryin niggaz never listen
Always kinda dissin but you're never decent
And we just movin different so you just get distant (distant)
I'm just too persistent but just got resisted
Grab my little daughter and my son and kissed 'em (yeah)
Not a day goes by when I ain't tryin to lift 'em
Think a nigga stupid, man I clocked the system
Bun just hit me up and then he got assistance