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Artist: Bun B f/ Lil' Keke, Slum Thug
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   KnoWhatImSayin
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{"It's a Big E Beat!"}

[Chorus: Bun B]
My paint is like, "Damn!" Knowmsayin?
My rims is like, "Man!" Knowmsayin?
My trunk is like, "Hold up!" Knowmsayin?
Knowmsayin? Texas and these boys ain't playin
My roof is like, "Damn!" Knowmsayin?
My tooth is like, "Man!" Knowmsayin?
The truth; we like, "Hold up!" Knowmsayin?
Knowmsayin? Texas and these boys ain't playin

[Bun B]
This that "Man, hold up" shit, that styrofoam cup shit
That 84s and vogue flows that niggaz can't fuck with
Tippin on fo'-fo's shit, slammin Cadillac do's shit
That "Not only is it real, but it's realer than yo' shit!"
Wood grain wheel and the candy paint mandatory
If you're from that Texas you already understand the story
Money, cups and swangas (swangas) tops chopped with that trunk lit
Chunk a deuce with fingers (fingers) boy we ain't on that punk shit
Gulfway veteran that ain't too many better than
Say he wanna dance with the devil then fuck it, let him in
We don't bar niggaz, droppin bars while we on barre
Yeah you might be on bitch, but you know you ain't on par
When I pull up on a pussy nigga with that chrome boy
Shut his slab down, he gon' have to call up OnStar
Sippin drank, candy paint, them Texas boys started that
Hate and I put one between your numbers like a quarterback


[Slim Thug]
H-Town, Texas, yeah these boys ain't playin
Underground Kingz, we the kings of this land
Stand tall for the trill, still rep the set right
R.I.P. Pimp C, poppin trunk, showin lights
Still on that Westheimer, five gallons of the gloss
In Event, bangin ol' flows from the Swishahouse
Wrist lit up, your bitch on my dick, hoe get up
Drinkin drank by the pint, tryin to sit up, don't pull your shit up
When you see me cause it's Fader
I'm in my drop 5-9 watchin cable, newest one out the stable
No labels, black-owned 'til I'm gone
Still comin through Acres Homes like it's money on my phone
I'm a grown-ass boss, still like to floss
For two decades straight I've been pullin out
Paint cost 20 grand, got 'em lookin like "Damn!"
Down in H-Town, I'm the man
Hold up


[Lil' Keke]
95 degrees in the city, the top vanish
L-Dog covered in chrome, my Lac's Spanish
Paint job still ain't right? Then keep sprayin
Cause I'm comin through, drippin that candy, knowmsayin?
Martin Luther, call him the King, cause that's his playground
Slab doors, leather and vogues, that's why they hatin now
Roll up, guess who 'bout to show up?
Pull up on they ass and make 'em throw up, hold up
Southside holdin, no playin
Come through in that pretty motherfucker like, "Man!"
Texas niggaz stand, bitch I'm Don Ke
Ain't gon' never find another slab nigga like me
713, ain't no secret what I claim
Got a trunk full of speakers, niggaz diamonds on his chain
Bitch I go insane, crawlin on them thangs
Cause we twistin on that gas and we drinkin purple rain
Hold up {*echoes*}