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Artist: Bun B f/ 8Ball & MJG
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   Grow Up
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[Bun B]
Now everybody like to tell you about how grown they are
How they got they shit together and how on they are
How they got all their priorities lined up
And focused on the future cause they made they mind up
Well I'm here to tell ya, it's easier said than done
'Bout as easy as tryna take bread from Bun
You can try to make plans but they hard to stick to
Not to mention these haters out here tryna trick you
Soon as you hot they say, "Freeze" (freeze)
Soon as you cold they raise up the degrees, I'm like please (please)
Take a second to think about it, but not too many
Can't get time back, they won't give you any
Look back at all the time you had and I bet (what?)
You gon' look at all the time you fucked off with regret (damn)
All the days that you coulda went from good to great
So while there's still time left it ain't too late
for you to grow up

[Chorus: Bun B]
When I was young I was crazy and wild (crazy and wild)
But now I'm grown and not a goddamn child (goddamn child)
Cause time is passin and we turnin the page (turnin the page)
So man, you gotta start actin yo' age
And grow up (cause man it's time to grow up)
Say man, it's time to grow up (for real, it's time to grow up)
Cause you been fuckin off with too much wrong for too damn long, it's time to show up
(For real) So be a woman or a man and grow up

Yeah, growin up, no Pop to show me
Or tell me how to navigate properly
Stoppin me, obstacles came constantly
Tryna hold onto Primrose{C} consciously
I know for sure the greatest shit in front of me
Inspiration for the ones that came after me
First to say I never did it all correctly
Fuck-ups I made still won't let me
Sleep good when a nigga can't eat good
Shit I did back when e'rybody ate good
Playful, I was runnin with the hateful
Instead of sittin down, nigga bein grateful
Learn from it, take notes and earn with it
Feed families and don't waste your turn with it
Have fun with it, whatever come your way
And when it get real young nigga don't play


Uhh, ha-hahhh
Now either you a rookie or you pro up
You tryna win the race or you out here tryna slow up
Drink up, or throw up, let the air out, or blow up
Travel, get outta your city, do some mo' stuff
Now before I, ever go broke I'ma hoe up
That mean go get a hoe that's gonna help me get some dough up
A nigga get wrong we gon' leave him ten toe up
So every time I needed her she broke her neck to show up
Pimp tight, I mean I'm tryna live the most of
life that I can live, zoom in and get a close up
Maybe I can be an inspiration to some more of
the people of the world, make the whole world grow up
But seems like, for every other drink that I pour up
It's for a dead loved one and we don't even know what
for, a lot of loose ends left to sew up
But God needed them, another angel had to go up (go up)