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Artist: Bun B f/ Gary Clark Jr., Leon Bridges
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   Gone Away
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[Chorus: Leon Bridges]
All my friends, have gone away
So long to them, but I have to stay
All my woes, and all my lows
Won't change my soul, cause I have to go


[Bun B]
Now my brother was loud, but my brother was proud
And my brother made sure that he stood out in a crowd
Yeah my brother wore glasses but he saw so clear
And my brother knew God so he had no fear
No fear of these haters, no fear of these clones
My brother wasn't concerned and he made that known
Yeah my brother was spoiled, but my brother was loyal
Late nights of hard work, me and my brother would toil
Yeah my brother made me laugh cause my brother was funny
But you best not ever fuck around with my brother's money
Cause my brother would snap, and then that's all that she wrote
And it's a line under that, as my brother would quote
Yeah, my brother's a motherfucker if I'm tellin the truth
But man he kept it 100 in and out of the booth
So when I talk about my brother, I smile and I cry
Because I know he's watchin over me, sittin on high

[Chorus] - 3X

{*Gary Clark Jr. plays guitar to the end*}