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Artist: Bun B f/ Big K.R.I.T., Gary Clark Jr.
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   Blood on the Dash
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[Chorus: Gary Clark Jr.] + (Big K.R.I.T.)
I think there's blood on the dashboard of this old school
(Digi dash, and the fishbowl glass, man the heavens laugh)
I think there's blood on the dashboard of this old school
(Digi dash, and the fishbowl glass, man the heavens laugh)

[Bun B - as citizen]
Late night in the Caddy just rollin through the hood (hood)
Known to act bad, but tonight it's all good (good)
Just picked up a Michael Vick of that 'dro ('dro)
Can't wait to get to the crib so I can blow (blow)
Half a mile away from the house, I hit Valero
Grab a couple packs of some 'rillos and a Modelo
Roll one up and throw the 'bacco out the window
Pull out of the parkin lot and fire up the indo
Inhale, goddamn, big puffs of smoke
Exhale, now it's time to take another toke
But in the rearview, man I can see me some headlights
Next thing you know the fuckin blue and the red lights (damn)
These streets never have police patrollin 'em
when they supposed to, now I'm lookin for the Ozium
Tryna stash the weed somewhere he can't see
That's when I realized that I got my pistol on me


[Bun B - as officer]
Officer man, I'm a part of the police force
But I don't walk a beat or ride on a police horse
In my patrol car late night ridin
Workin in the same community that I reside in
I saw the pain in the city and couldn't stand it
Crimes committed and no one was reprimanded
The conditions in my city was gettin bad
So I hit the academy and walked away with a badge
I need to piss so I stop at the Valero
I see a guy buyin some Swishers and a Modelo
Please don't light it up 'til you're home, that's what I'm hopin
That's when I see him dump his tobacco and start smokin
I pull up right behind him and hit the light
If he admit he got some weed I'ma let him make it tonight
As long as it's no warrants and he's legal in the street
That's when I see him reach under his motherfuckin seat


[Bun B - as citizen]
I pull over to the side tryna stay calm
Whole car smellin like fire, straight napalm
I know my gun ain't got no bodies
Got haters up off me but ain't shot nobody
Should I tell him I'm packin but ain't got no 'plex?
Or just let him find that hoe and wait and see what's next?
What if he's a killer cop like I've seen on the news?
Should I shoot his ass first? Goddamn, I'm confused

[Bun B - as officer]
OK, I checked his plates and they came back clean
But I still better call some backup to the scene
I don't know what he was reachin for so I'm feelin nauseous
I just wanna make it home so I'm tryna be cautious
Got a couple of arrests, but ain't no convictions
Get out the squad car and my adrenaline kicks in
So not knowin if he's committed any prior harm
I walk up to his car with my hand on my firearm

{*Gary Clark Jr. plays guitar to the end*}