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Artist: Bun B f/ Kirko Bangz
Album:  Trill O.G.: The Epilogue
Song:   Triller
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[Intro: Kirko Bangz]
Triller (triller, triller)
Say ain't nobody triller (triller, triller)
I'm a muh'fuckin killer (killer, killer)
Say ain't nobody triller (triller, triller)
And you know it's for real

[Bun B]
Wake up in the morning, give thanks to the Lord (Lord)
For givin me another day so I can go hard (hard)
Never been fraud, always kept it true
Get dressed, hit the street, try to see what it do (what it do)
Cut a few corners, chunk a few dubs (dubs)
Get 'em chunked back, trill niggaz show love (love)
Some try to hate, I don't pay it no mind
Either get with me or get like me, that's on the grind (grind)
Candy paint shine as I flip through the city (city)
Ridin 84's and them hoes look pretty (pretty)
Had +Dirty Money+ way befo' P. Diddy
I'm just tryna squeeze a little mo' milk up out the titty
Is ya with me?

[Chorus: Kirko Bangz]
I'ma put it down my nigga
Gotta do what I do for the town my nigga
Boys talkin down on the nigga
But since day one I've been a killer
Mayne and ain't nobody triller (triller, triller)
Say ain't nobody triller (triller, triller)
I'm a muh'fuckin killer (killer, killer, killer)
H-Town in this bitch (in this bitch) and you know it's for real

[Bun B]
Ridin drop-top in the Fleetwood 'llac ('llac)
The sun is shinin down on my Astros hat (hat)
I'm all about the cheese but I never been a rat
Gotta keep it to yourself, what part of the game is that? (that)
You see me rollin vogues on them fo's just flippin (flippin)
Leanin on the leather through the Southside dippin (dippin)
You know I got the gat up on my lap with the clip in (clip in)
Cock back ready but these boys ain't trippin
Who run this bitch? (Bitch) Don't even bother
My granddaddy did (did) then passed it to my father
My father did his thang like a G (G) then passed it down to me
Now the neighborhood belong to Bun B, off T

[Chorus] - last line replace "H-Town" with "P.A."

[Bun B]
Pussy niggaz need to stay off in they lane (lane)
Sittin sidelines, wanna quarterback the game (game)
Back seat drivers get to talkin too much (much)
But not when I'm around cause they know they get touched
This a city called Clutch (Clutch) and that's how we come through
Fake niggaz runnin up? What the fuck they gon' do?
P.A. trill nigga (nigga) no Hilfiger
Put it on yo' ass before and we still will nigga (nigga)
New niggaz in the game, get your share
Long as you ain't touchin mine bitch I really don't care (care)
Sets in the air, twist your fingers 'til they break
Trill recognize trill (trill) we never roll fake for the cake