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Artist: Bun B f/ Devin the Dude, Gator Main
Album:  Trill O.G.: The Epilogue
Song:   On One
Typed by: Lil Hustle

It's a Big E beat...

[Bun B]
Baby your love is like a drug, I'm feeling like a fiend
And every time I get it, got me gone like I'm lean
Every time I hit it, it's like you been strode
And every time I'm with ya, I don't wanna let you go
See I don't think you know, how much you got me sprung
I'm walking round pacing, acting high strung
Try to go to sleep, but when I lay up in the bed
All I do is toss and turn, can't get you out my head
It won't give me peace, I can't rest
Waking up in deep sweats, shirt sticking to my chest
I feel it deep, up in my stomach
And no matter how I try, just can't run from it
It's like the itch, you can't scratch
Waiting on the chef, to come through with a fresh batch
I'm trying to keep it together
But I'm feeling like I need you forever, you got me on one

When I give you a call, you don't answer the phone
When I pass by your house, no you never at home
Doing everything I can, just to leave you alone but I'm gone
(everywhere I go man, I be looking for that hoe le'go)
I'm going crazy, and it just ain't fair
I'm in the streets looking for ya, everywhere
People stop and they stare, but I just don't care
(and everywhere I went man, I was looking for that there)

[Gator Main]
Hey, ay why you never at home
Why you never answer, when I call you cellular phone
Who that lil' bitch at my front do', ay I'ma tell her you gone
How she know where I stay anyway, hey what the hell are you on
I'm in the 5-50, bumping my melony-the-on
With the yellow bone, watching my televis-i-on
And she in love with a nigga, but ay she just won't admit
Look here why you playing hard to get, ay why you won't just submit
When you in Kansas City, I'm the man in the city
All my fans in the city, say man god damn it she pretty
I'm a sucker for hookers, but don't be tricking no dollars
How bout we gather our chil'ren, off in a lil' country cottage
Come equipped with no mileage, plus my passenger blonde
Now we way down in Houston, with ambassador Bun
I'm a ace in the hole, your nigga a rabbit with guns
I'm the jack of all trades, and bitch he the master of none


[Devin the Dude]
I saw your friend the other day, she act like she knew something I didn't
Then she turned around, and started grinning
Like I was the butt of a joke, the last to know
Started to ask her where you were, she act like she had to go
So quick, birds of a feather I guess
I'm cold and sick, but nevertheless I'm aiight
Can't sleep at night, I turn and I toss
Call your cell phone, you turned that hoe off
So I pace the flo', I can't wait no mo'
I try to find ya, but you know I ain't gon' chase you though
Now I'm, going through some withdraws
And without you I gotta go, and settle for some beef flaws
And all I wanna do, is get another dose
I tried that other shit, but you got what I love the most I'll plug your hole
If you let me, but you got me feeling all lonesome
Yeah, I'm on one