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Artist: Bun B f/ H.A.W.K., Z-Ro, Trae, E.S.G., Lil' O, C-Note
Album:  Trill O.G.: The Epilogue
Song:   The Legendary DJ Screw
Typed by: Lil Hustle

It's a Big E beat
This is dedicated, to the legendary DJ Screw...

[Bun B]
Now once upon a time, not long ago
Where they come down candy, and live life slow
Where the 4's stay chromey, and they gripping on wood
And people all behave, like it's all to the good
Then came a young player, from the Southside streets
Who had dreams of making music, with slowed down beats
He jumped on the tables, made it do what it do
And so begins the legend, of DJ Screw

This is dedicated, this is-this-this is deciated
This is dedicated to the legendary, D-D-D-DJ Screw

G'eah six the morning, fed's at my do'
Quarter mil on the flo', the city where everythang's slow
Yeah still bang Screw we love it mayn, I know he gone but nothing changed
H.A.W.K., P-A-T, M-O-E they all above us mayn
Down here we grind and hustle mayn, can't forget Chad Butler mayn
Still swang on 84's, a mirror glass like buzzer mayn
Grab that loot and duffle mayn, S.U.C. still in this thang
I know my dog gone, Robert Davis we gon' do it mayn

Hey I love this life, this is Screwed Up Click
Don't quote me dog, nigga screwed up quick
Still we blew up quick mayn, the fo's they stick
On 24's we sit, you know we holding bitch
I'ma do this here for Screw, for H.A.W.K. for Pat
Even though we pushing powder, but the trunk be crack
C-Note repping S.U.C., R.I.P. to Jimmy T
Nigga I'ma swang in the Lex, is how it's 'spose to be


One of the realest to do this shit, Houston Texas Screwed Up Click
And the track Screw'll bring it back, no one better that you could get
For my nigga Robert Davis, ch-chop it up screw my shit
Now the true representation, making sure the world knew this shit
Everytime you think of double cups, or swingers peeking out the fo's
Freestyling off top the dome, our grills covered in ice and gold
Better salute the general, point blank no subliminal
Tell em we Screwed Up Click, we go fed like a criminal

[Lil' O]
Here's a lil' story, bout a nigga like me
Fat Rat with the Cheese, nigga S.U.C.
Southwest H-Town, all of that's me
If a hoe was cottonmouth, I wouldn't give the bitch pee
I'm so screwed up, niggaz say I talk slow
I say I listen fast, when you niggaz talk though
And naw I can't touch it, if the shit is not dro
If the drank is not purple, and the bitch is not whoa


All blue Regals, screw blue Impala
Helping everybody, that's what he use to do with his dollas
No collars, just t-shirts and Dickies
Even though he had a lot to do, he never was too busy to come and get me
I'm really Screwed Up Click, Robert Earl Davis put me in
Not a friend of a friend, of a friend of a friend
I can see him spinning records, in heaven in all white
Like he use to do on 22, 34 all night

Niggaz out there that's talking shit, niggaz out there that's riding dick
Talking down on the Screwed Up Click, they must don't know who they fucking with
Five star general of the S.U.C., want my click gotta go through me
Go through Ke and Mike D, then you gotta go through Big Pokey
Who a nigga know as hard as me, who a nigga know as smart as me
Niggaz wanna know how hard is he, I'm hard as the boss on Raven's D
Bet your ass in like a rod and reel, hardest nigga out there with no deal
Flying through niggaz like a snow mobile, and I make beats that the real can feel