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Artist: Bun B f/ Big K.R.I.T., Lil Boosie, Pimp C
Album:  Trill O.G.: The Epilogue
Song:   Cake
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[Intro: Pimp C]
Hol' up, smoke some'in bitch
My trademark, know'm talkin 'bout?
Yeah, know'm talkin 'bout?
Uncle George was talkin 'bout hey man, "Do Fries Come With That Shake?"
Hey man, hey man, do green guys come with them thighs?
Shit, pimpin, Tommy Loose, O.C.

[Chorus 2X: Pimp C]
Uhh - boss dick, cash money, smokin the vapors
Don't chase the cat, chase the paper
Them thighs come with that shake
Bitch in yo' mind, hoe I got cake

[Bun B]
Well Peter Piper picked peppers and Run rock rhymes
You know that C pimp hoes and Bun knock dimes
I be at it and on it, don't start no static, I want it
When I want it I get it, so get to hoppin up on it
Ain't no stoppin, no frontin, this certified and official
When I see you lickin yo' lips, you wanna blow on my whistle
But I got that harmonica, you can play it like Stevie
They say that pimpin ain't easy, mayne it is if you be, me (me)
I see a new one every day
And they think that cause they jazzy and they classy they gon' talk me out my pay
Yeah you tight but see my game is just a little bit tighter
Pay for pussy, that's alright, I grab the smoke so pass the lighter


[Lil Boosie]
Mayne, you know I hit the first night, get 'em right the first date (look!)
But I got a question for ya, do thighs come with that shake?
You want Pappadeaux Seafood? Well you gon' have to eat boo
Want me in my foreign car - you gon' be a porn star (yes sir!)
I know what's goin through yo' head, if I hit 'em right with head
I might get a slice of bread from just a bad ass (nahhh)
I get cash in duffle bags, I don't chase the cat (I don't chase the cat)
Let 'em ride, get 'em high as I pay for cat (haha)
Sorry girl I gotta go, like Pimp I'm on that purple 'dro
Midwest, 30 a show, yeah, I hustle and flow
Round town, bad chicks tryin to flag me down
Zoom zoom, see ya later - I gotta get the paper


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Shit, now all the trickin you should stop it (stop it) money been the topic
While she diggin in yo' pockets I be pluggin on her socket (her socket)
All off in yo' crib (crib) feet up on yo' shit
Instead of breakin off a hoe you out here lovin a bitch (lovin a bitch)
When I get this pimpin biz, steel toe, real throwed
The type of dick that run a chick some shit that she could feel fo'
Live fo', all off in yo' billfold to make her happy (her happy)
She shake you off, I break her off cause she bring it back to daddy
Don't be mad at me (mad at me) cause yo' hoe done chose (yo' hoe done chose)
I was out here on the stroll (stroll) she got down like she's s'posed (she's s'posed)
I put her on some Vogues (Vogues) and some vapors on her mind (mind)
Cause thighs come with that shake, and green on the side (green on the side)