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Artist: Bump J f/ Kanye West, Sly Polaroid
Album:  Chicagorillas
Song:   Top This
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"Electro-convulsive therapy part one."

[Kanye West]
I can't stop till we all ball
And walk around with gold in our mouth like Paul Wall
Nigga fuck all y'all
I'll just stay on the grind and sell out beats
Til I'm all over the hood like LRG
Matter fact all over Chicago
And I'm about to be on Oprah tomorrow
There's nothin' nobody can ever say to top that line
I'm in housewives livin' rooms, stop that shine
Y'all already know Kan is a Legend like John is
Rockin' that Louie Vuitton that only a don get
Got beef, bitches gettin' they boost on
They bring me that Gucci I give 'em a Boost phone
Fel feel the new song so he give it airplay
Got calls from Diamond from Nas and Jay on the same day
Fan's askin', "Where yo ass been?"
Weak niggas been eatin' while you been fastin'
But you can ask Kaz 1
When my shit drop, y'all has beens
Been gainin' popularity now I'm bout to cash in

[Bump J]
I used to sell coke before I got in this rap shit
I wrap bricks now my wrap thing is a mattress
You runnin' from the cops, tryin' to get that lil' pack flipped
I'm runnin' round tryin' to stick my dick in an actress
The mac spit, it can make that ass do back flips
Smoke a nigga, I'd rather just poke a nigga like cactus
Come up off that daddy
Take a nigga's jewels then walk right past him with them on the next day
Mob get in, get in tune
It's plenty room
The back seats feel like a living room
He's a great
These left rights will beat your face
Poppin' bottles, my brother just beat his case
I up the iron, every one of you will bail
I got fully semi hand guns and none of them for sale
Yeah, homie peep my steez
My ice game sick, I got a lot of stones like 

[Sly Polaroid]
You know what I'm about 
Money and gun play
The right stain will make a nigga rich in one day
Stop askin' about Boogz and Kanye
You know I can't let your stupid ass get Bump J
I'm ten with a gun when I fired it work
Around the same time I got tired of church
Yeah, as a shorty I ain't play with the fireworks
I ran up on niggas and show them how the fire work
I remember when we was just kids with no names
Then we start robbin' dealerships, usin' cocaine
The money was best, the power was next
For that paper
I shoot slugs out of the tec
I mean Sly jumped out of the rest
And have a nigga butt naked, puttin' cigarettes out on his chest
I'm a Goon Squad gangster you can't make a nigga say we cowards
Niggas already know what it is when they play the album
I hustle the streets with the shit that look like baby powder
You was at home with a bitch, tryin' to suck a baby bottle
They took me out the streets now I'm back on 'em
Fuck a credit card, know Sly got the stacks on 'em
Know that
And know Sly got the straps on 'em
My white Air Force 1's don't got a scratch on 'em
If I ain't a gangsta nigga what do you call that?
I fresh out on bond with a pistol and all black
If you was gettin' money I was comin' for all that
Cheif gave me a hundred thou
Told me to fall back
You heard about the shit we carry around
I kidnap, rob 'em, starve niggas 
Last victim lost thirty pounds
This is a dirty town
I wouldn't of never took 'em but he called for the cheese and
His bitch didn't hurry down