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Artist: Buckshot, Tek, Steele & Promise
Album:  Run to Remember *
Song:   Run to Remember
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* all proceeds benefit the Alzheimer's Research Foundation

Run, Breathe (16x)
Inhale, Exhale (3x)

Running through the jungle with the heart of a lion
Trying to overcome this harsh environment
Retirement ain't in my view, I got to move
Even got rubber soles on my shoes
Brother choose which lane, switch lanes
Next to the 6 train
Across the bridge in the rain
Of course the kids sane but it's crazy I run till my eyes see paisley
Go baby, be the champ
He the champ no belt
Just a pair of kicks and the finish line, no help
Arms in the air, I'm running for the cause
Got a mission on my mind, running for the border
New York to Florida
In support of the fact
I run in the streets he run the track
I said we run for all them
In support of the fact
Cause next year you be calling them back, yeah


You know they got me running
Feeling like my last days is numbered
Momma coming
Trying to keep the lights on
I'm just a ghost in the shell
Cause the soul gone
Tell my legs don't fail me now
Support from the family, they hold me down
In full stride, I ignore the pain
It's no half stepping, Big Daddy Kane

I'm gunning, stunting, running from my life
One shot adrenaline pumping
Hunting with the knife, I'm an animal
Feast over beats like a cannibal
Eat food, speak through these dudes, unmatchable
Lighter flare, fire bon
Man they some writers here
Document how we did it
Man they some writers here, getcha gear
Get prepared, get involved
Don't be scared, keep it moving, show and prove
Snooze and your out of here

I promise, it ain't for the fame
But my names up on every block
Cause I run my city like Terry Fox
And I'm known for speaking my thoughts
Now I'm running for a reason, Barack bought to see some change
Get it? Fund raise, see some things done
That's why they got at me from day one
At the very least each one can save one
And have all the proceeds go where they want
Instead of gunning in the hood laws
I'm here in the pronominal year
Running for a good cause
While educating the kids
On what I do, what I did for our elders
And what it all stood for
I get strength from the good Lord
So these heads ain't ready for the length that I push for
Even if your running just to become slander
Make sure your running is a run to remember