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Artist: Brownside
Album:  Eastside Drama
Song:   Last Day
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It was a hot late night when I remember kicking back
Bumpin the oldies out the homey Dopey's Cadillac
Parked on the block drinkin buestos sellin dope
Me, my homey Joker, Sharpe, my primo locs
Watchin out, keep an eye out for the black and white
Kickin back, bendin days on a crazy ass night
The block was rollin just like any other day
The only thing I didn't know, I was gonna get sprayed
Damn loco, a rafla hit the block
Fools hanging out, next thing I knew I was shot
Down I fell, it seemed like it was all a dream
All I kept hearin was the homeboys scream
"Look ese, don't die" he kept saying
I tried to get up but in his arms I kept laying
I look around and seen my homies everywhere
Faces lookin down at me, then I started getting scared
I was feeling cold, my body all numbed up
I looked at my homey but I couldn't even talk
Please dear God, don't let this be my last day
I closed my eyes and went into a deep daze

Somebody please
Give me just a minute
I never knew that this would be
My last day

The juras came, they blocked the calle all up
All I kept hearin was the homey got shot
The medics worked on me, and the juras all around
Hittin up my homeys all about what went down
I got rushed to the hospital, I guess to cut me up
Slowly I was dying, damn I know I'm stuck
I hear the doctors comin rushing tryin to save me
Theres nothing else to do they said, but wait and see
Now I'm stranded in a coma, on a life support machine
With my family around me, but no way to win
Mom starts crying, and my Pops is holding tight
With tears in his eyes, telling me to fight
Everything went black, and I got cold as ice
When a big flash of light appeared before my eyes
It's a shame we die, for the game will never end
But now I know, now I understand


Now I know I'm gone, but that's the way it all goes
I'm lying in the casket in some gangster clothes
Homeys walking up, to pay their last respects
With tears in their eyes, dressed up in all black
(I just got something in my eyes)
"Rest In Peace homeboy" is what they all say
Soon I'll be buried, I'll be on my way
From ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
It's payback time, and in my homeboys I trust
An eye for an eye, that's what it's all about
I know my hood'll get back cuz I had mucho clout
I guess this is it, now it's time to ride
In the big black hurst, with chrome S's on the side
Bumper to bumper all the way down the street
Down to the cemetery, rollin deep
Headin down the Eastside on my way
I never thought I'd come to see my last day

[Chorus x2]