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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  Time's Runnin' Out
Song:   Time's Runnin' Out (Original Version)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Brand Nubian]
[GP] The time's running out, tick-tock, like the grains of sand
[SX] Every man sharpens man, like steel sharpens steel
[LJ] The threat of a war is real
[LJ] Where my soldiers for the battlefield?

[Sadat X]
And as the days of the two-oh approach
I drop a seed in my girl, so I can stay in this world
And decompose the foes that slipped up under our nose
We living on rows on top of rows and, half our stores is closed
We still trickin out, jerkin out
Half the project workin out
They buildin underground cities
While we worried about seein titties
With they secret committies, and society orders
They carryin out the slaughter
Picture your daughter on stage for a quarter
My old Uncle Sam fought in the war of Vietnam
Got caught with napalm and burned off half his fuckin arm
The government knew then about the lasting effects
Now they done cut off his checks
and if he wild out he'll be murdered
Or possibly herded, to the VA Hospi-tal
Where they got 'em under one roof
Where they can conceal the proof
You can see shit changin cat it can't stay the same
Damn I wish the government didn't have my real name

[Lord Jamar]
Put down that glass of champagne
It seems yo' ass ain't heard a damn thing
that I've been sayin, niggaz steady playin
like it's recess in the schoolyard
Jewels from the God, cast to the foolish heart
Meanwhile, the white militia's training
Like Freemen in Montana aiming, they guns
Son I told you revolution would come, way back in '91
You might find me on the run, forced to be a fugitive
But livin my life, like a pugilist, always givin Devils hell
Rebels rest under a shell, we packin knives made in Israel
Preparin for the comin confrontation
What the fuck y'all niggaz waitin, for?
We in a state of, war - 1997 ain't gon' be no slice of heaven
Like Richard Gere I hope this touch yo' +Primal Fear+
Four years is the turn of the century
I guess we gon' learn eventually
They wanna burn books that mention me
Take a look into your future, tell me what you see

[Grand Puba]
Pardon me mister, well it's the eight-five resister to give
your brain cell a blister so fine-tune your resistor
Every ghetto corner's goner so I think that you should wanna
take heed to the seed, once I plant it we can feed
Now we stuck on stupid in a state of unawareness
Makes us, fearless endearless
Recklessness makes us careless
This idiology, stupidity, lack of idealogy
periodically destroys us psychologically
Cipher's dimension is viewed on dissension
Like a undetected chemical that creates mad tension
We all been injected now we all become infected
Ways and action of our people is the way that we dissect it
It's gettin trifer, we should run the six sects
Taking tons of you now follow by, twenty-one ciphers
But we don't, cause we frozen, posin, at thirty-two degrees
That's no way for the chosen to be dosin

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Sadat X]
Cause right about this time, they tryin to trace my moves
by simple things like bills, they tryin to mark my location
At home or on vacation through my ChemicalBank card
They tryin to kill the God and through my food feed me lard

[Grand Puba]
It be that lesson temptation for them devilish type creations
Making the black mind feeble with they thought pattern +Evel+
like +Knievel+, or conniving, got no time for eighty-fiving
It's time to educate instead of wastin time jiving

[Lord Jamar]
We goin to hell in a handbasket, fell into a casket
Cause for drastic measures, we should all stick together
Final Call, we better heed instead of chasin after cheddar cheese
Before we back to slavery commitin acts of bravery

[Chorus] - repeat 2X