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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  Time's Runnin' Out
Song:   Scientists of Sound
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Grand Puba]
Now I'ma reach into my bag, see what I can grab
Cause this one is harder, than flaggin a yellow cab
7 is my symbol, taught Jack to B. Nimble
My verbal makes you tremble as I'm steady as a cymbal
Think I won't shred it? The option's getting deaded
Watch you get sucked in once I use my magnetic
Make a chicken spin cause Allah got the power
One thousand thirty-seven third miles per hour
Creep up on that ass like an undetected gas
It's scientific math breaking 85's in half
I choose to be nothin but Allah and that's the God
And you still might see me doin shots at the bar

[Sadat X]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Someone take me to the bank please
Down with the original black New York Yankees
The ones with their hats placed strictly side saddle
Your best friend told yo' ass a fuckin lie
Hey sure I get high, but I still pay my taxes
Look at me I'll incorporate, keep tabs runnin year to day
Out of state, near the area of Baltimore (uh-huh)
Hey I'll serve you, you work it, don't fuck up the connections
Hold on with that beef at the door
Nigga you ain't Thor, why you call that girl a bitch?
She belong to Rich with the itchy trigger finger
Nostradamus{?} say it's sent from the heights
Good with the cowboys, Dominicans and blacks
And all the G-O-D's dealing in actual facts

[Lord Jamar]
Like that yo
Constructor and the builder of the track
Mind filler and instructor of the blacks
Abducting you with facts while this Devil is corrupting you with cracks
Self-destructing cause we lack, proper education
Let me drop my dissertation, the situation's serious
Mysterious, mystification leaving you delirious
Imperious, royal highness, when you rewind this
you'll find this was full of information, clearing this blindness
What you hearing now is timeless; ain't no use interferin
Cause my shit be appearin in yo' sub-conscience
Now you love when we launch this, like a space shuttle
Givin subtle hints, for the Gods to represent
I never bent, from my position, I'm navigatin with precision
Never collaboratin with Satan cause he pissin me off
On a collision course with my satellite
Place the gat to the brain of the Canaanites

[Grand Puba]
It's them devilistic views that's designed to make you lose
Now we all know the blues stand for bad nigga news (true)
Savage ways and action, lifestyle of Gomorrah
got you seein double vision, robotic with precision
I choose to use the top cipher of the build you see
and then I add the bottom and destroy the negativity
It's time to motivate, eliminate the black hate
which is designed to make the black man of the planet evaporate
The knowledge that we drop is infinite, with significance
My duty is to teach and make, every bit of difference (word is bond)
It's Grand Puba, Cowboy, and the Dread
Justice Cipher Born to Born the Arm Leg Leg Arm Head
So let's get the mind off the murder
It's time to take heed, to the 85 converter

[Lord Jamar]
Well I be standin in the truthin square, loopin up a snare
45 degree angle, grab the mic it's gettin strangled
Pyramid's a triangle
When you livin in New York it's best to be bi-lingual
and never speak on shit before you do the knowledge
It doesn't necessarily mean you gots to go to college
The Devil's Workshop, this verse gets dropped like niggaz on major labels
whose albums, only sold 7 pieces, 7 Jesus
I be Allah the benificent, and the merciful
Magnificent, knowledge be infinite
Squalor your dollars and you claim that you pimpin it
But a pimp is the loneliest bastard on earth~!
Master self first, mental discipline, improve your listening skills
Then show and prove when you build

{*scratched 4X: "Scientists of sound, mathetically putting it down"*}

Word is bond
Actual facts
Knahmean? Now Rule, Brand Nubian
  {*"Scientists of sound, mathetically putting it down"*}
That's right
That's how we do this every day
As the world turns, uhh
  {*"Mathetically putting it down"*}
  {*4X: "Scientists of sound, mathetically putting it down"*}
Everything built degree by degree
In sequential order, knahmean?
Yeah, Brand Nubian