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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  Time's Runnin' Out
Song:   Right Here
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Brand Puba]
Dottie X baby
Lord J, what?

[Chorus 2X: Grand Puba] - ad libs first time only
It's like yeah (yeah)
Brand Nubian back in your ear (in your ear)
Raise the roof like we just don't care (uh-huh)
It's right there it's right there it's right there (right there)
Where you at huh? (Huh?)

[Grand Puba]
Uhh, top notch status watch the God get in flamin
Herbal with the verbal drop top twin turbo
Blazin for the year Born God to two G's
Flow like these, help the God stack cheese
Summer jet-skis, truck with TV's
Sittin under tropic trees with iced teas
Mindstate positive black, rhyme flow be spectacular
More accurate than a Acura
Brand Nubian, "One For All" again
No question there, check the way the trees blend
When it comes to this I be one of the best
And I strive to be stress free like Tribe Called Quest
Uhh, Brand Nubian, rhyme sayer
Don't wanna be a player, just the microphone mayor
Haji Allah, come with the rough rugged mellow
Spit so much butter make the mic yellow


[Lord Jamar]
Light skinned understanding C with brown eyes
See me in abandoned streets of Crown Heights
With weed in my hand runnin lights
In need of a grand to put down on the fights
See me and the Brand Nubians keep it tight
Flew me in to do a show in the middle of the night
If we don't get our dough then you know we gonna fight
Keepin niggaz on they toes cause our flows be right
I used to bag O's on sight, now it turn me off
when they flows be tight, I'm the road of the right and just
When I was 15 I used to smoke dust
Now I strive to stay pristene and free from lust
So watch the 3 bust, I be the black Jesus
Attack any man who plan to freeze us
Your hands should be up, my mans be treed up
In the land that the black man needs to free up

[Chorus] - last line "Raise the roof X"

[Sadat X]
I'll kick the old style then flip the new
One of three Nubians, Lord Jamar and Grand Pub'
I'm in African cabs from stores run by the Arabs
Pictures of Mecca next to the price sticker
And they little sons with the big guns, Palestine shine
Got you thinkin from divine, we pump the mainline
Hey I gots in here, for my services ringin
with the eccru color collar with the new leather
What's my master plan, for my crew from H.T.
This is how we puttin it down in ninety-seven
A style war, nigga take a shot to the jaw
I stood back and let my sons wild out, I'm on my own
Just play the brownstone with my main cousin Tone
When you came to my spot, who you tryin to see?
Dead them other cats, the Brand Nubian emcee
Of sound mind and the soundest body
I ain't bendin no dough, bitch trick for me
(Yeah, and that's how it's supposed to be)

[Outro: Grand Puba]
It's like yeah
Brand Nubian back in your ear
Let's put it there, we put it there huh?
What, raise the roof one time huh
Two times uhh, three time uhh
Lord Jamar huh, Sadat X what?
Grand Puba uhh, let's raise it, blaze it
Raise it raise it, blaze it
Raise it blaze it, raise it
Raise it blaze it, raise it - uhh