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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  Time's Runnin' Out
Song:   Once Again
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Uhh, yeah
One two soundcheck
Three four five six
Seven, uhh, yeah
What? Uhh

[Grand Puba]
Now Grand Puba did the split the year of Born Understanding
Figured it was time for me to do some more expanding
Took a solo journey with my microphone tool
Wasn't with the Nubians but we still remained cool
Had a nice run, smacked you with a few hits
But deep down inside I missed the three man skit
Now it's all official and it's back on again
So run and tell your friends, it's Brand Nubian

[Lord Jamar]
I be the Lo-R-D, J-A-M-A-
-R you down, or are you hesistant?
By the status of my regiment
The sound's deep like sediment
Can't sleep there's some shit you better get
3D, original cipher, the black viper
Type of shit to give you satisfaction
We's the main attraction
Brand Nubian, my crew be in a class by itself
Unsurpassed, plus we stompin ass

[Sadat X]
I be the hypnotizer then the tranquilizer
The dead eye, flyin on a red eye
Microphone passers is now checked at gunpoint
Brand Nubian, can we hear just one joint?
With all of y'all, e'rybody, the original three
Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, and I self we
And if you wanna see a reunion well just come along
Click your heels, play the reels, Brand Nubian appeals
in this sordid game, involvin record deals

[Grand Puba]
Grabbin mass appeals, baggin more than seals
F'real doe, yo, my flow's invincible
Sensible, it's time to go to school and I'm the principle
The way that I bend it, better yet superintendant
Highly recommended, nothin less than splendid
My rhyme expertise? Please~! Helps me grate the cheese
and bag more properties than a drug seize
So if you want then you better place your order
Cause I got more styles than Mexicans that sneak across the border

[Lord Jamar]
Well kill the motherfuckin gossip, seems we be the topic
of discussion, by magazine columnists, they wanna follow us
and try to see if there be any animosity
between the three possibly..
We heard they didn't get along; heard they'd never do another song
Brothers was wrong, not many others that could last this long
Our past was strong, but yo our future's even stronger
Last longer than a Duracell, straight from New Rochelle

[Sadat X]
Takin these New York spots that's been guarded by cockblocks
and gassed up locals with the bullshit vocals
I keep comin out the woodwork, for good perks and all that
The X is like a four man +Wild Cowboy+ oh man
Select the informal {?} we're to be paid as kings
Conversate the black man, motherfuck the Olympic rings
By the time you get this warning it'll be the light of the morning
The birds'll flyin, a baby's born, a man is dying
Brand Nubian is done, this is only jam #1!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Brand Nubian: repeat 4X]
Aiyyo set that shit - cause here it go again
Now that's that shit - it's Brand Nubian!