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Artist: Brand Nubian f/ Starr
Album:  Fire in the Hole
Song:   Where Are You Now?
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[Sadat X]
Explain the women that I keep
Goin through my house and shit when I'm asleep
We bang heads a lot, we bang beds a lot
You ask questions a lot, and try to trip me up
But I ain't never been the one that's tryin to bend
And no it wasn't me that was seen by your friends
She thinks she saw me, makin shit stormy
Most in my path'll probably say they love me
Say they thinkin of me but they can't be with me
It's no hate, one was even tryin to wait
So for her I tried to run my shit straight
Did I want to set the date, I said let's leave it by fate, and then she skate
The world ain't shit and everything ain't great
Whoever in this trade done swayed into the cons
of they sexual liasons and past dealings
Smashed the four wheel and stay forever concealed

[Chorus: Starr]
Where are you now, that, I need you, with me
Where are you now, that, the chips, are down
Where are you now, I'm, sad, and, lonely
Now that I need you girl, you're, not around

[Grand Puba]
It seem like 85% of most bitches more concerned about
niggaz with riches but uncapable of washin the dishes
Attitude always suspicious, she fulfill your every wishes
And she dig the way you got up in them britches
Always expressin her undyin love for a thug
Now who said you can't find romance in a nightclub
Now you bugged, backrubs in the hot tub
got you believin that this pigeon ain't thinkin dubs
Damn, she like game airtight, but you know the rule
when you bag a joint and twist it on the first night (uh-huh)
That shit's a might if the ass is alright
If that shit ain't really tight, she probably did the same thing last night
'Long as the paper pilin, then she smilin
Ain't thinkin 'bout whylin, you takin her to different islands
But let your paper fall short, Cristal turn to cork
Then you turn around and ask that bitch for support


[Lord Jamar]
Uh, uh, yo
When a nigga had money you was there; funny how
everytime I turned around, you was there
When it was time for you to get your hair (uh) your nails and your gear
But at my court date, you failed to appear
Fought my case on appeals, it took over a year
And in that time, a nigga didn't see nor hear
Got to the point there was no respect at all
I was shocked when you did not collect my call
Spent nights in my cell just beatin my dick
Thinkin 'bout, how we used to fuck and shit
I took you out, bought your ass a bunch of shit
When I get out, I'm gonna fuckin punch this bitch
Right then I'm out, cause she don't understand the rules
You don't bite the man that dipped your hand in jewels
You were there when I bought the rock to blind you
Now a nigga locked and I can't find you

[Chorus] - 2X

Where are you now (where where where where)