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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  Fire in the Hole
Song:   Momma
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[Grand Puba]
I'd like to send this one to my favorite girl, uhh
Momma momma momma
Ohh momma momma momma, yeahh

[Lord Jamar]
Yo she was young and so tender
Had a baby born Knowledge God day of September
It was her first child, baby boy little bundle of joy
She married Larry, for 9 months she had to carry
me and she did it gladly, but sadly
things didn't all work out, so she merked out
Pregnant again with my brother Wise
My grandmother let her in, she had tears in her eyes
Now she's back at the crib, with 2 kids
She gotta get a job, she put all her faith in God
Naive to the world; believed all the stories
she received as a girl, she had one more seed
Another boy, reality, now that makes 3
All from a man that she hardly ever gets to see
She did the best with the things she was blessed
And I know I cause drama and stress
to my momma, so I wanna just say yo..

[Chorus: Puba] + (Brand Nubian)
I always loved my momma (she's my favorite girl)
And I always loved my momma (she brought me in this world)
See I always loved my momma (she taught me right from wrong)
Cause I always loved my momma (you only get one, you only get one, yeah)

[Sadat X]
Past feudin, mask for age, still lookin elegant
Front page, Ebony Jet
Pam Grier threat in seventy-four
What these bitches is wearin now, she wore before
On tour she said you just stay pure I say sure
Watched my sister's son and my little one make me fool
When the po-lice came she said that she hardly see me
I'm in the living room drinkin beer and watchin TV
She say that she love me but sometimes I don't think
She wish I wouldn't smoke as much and throw up when I drink
I think, that it wasn't no day finer
that when my pops snatched my mother up from North Carolina
And my uncle snatched her sister and brought her, right behind her
She like china, you won't find a heart finer
The designer, I'll shoot for my moms, yes I will
Shoot you in the side and let you live a spill, hehe


[Grand Puba]
Uh - at childhood I never really understood
all your heartache and pain and how difficult it was for you to maintain
To make sho' yo' seeds eat
Even if we had to foodstamp it every week
Always did your best to try to keep us out the street
If niggaz didn't listen boy that ass got beat
'Member that time you said, "Have yo' ass upstairs by 9"
But I was grown and had some other shit in mind
Word is bond, 10 o'clock she came downstairs
with rollers in her hair and a nightgown on
But I was gone, ran through the back, cut through the laundrymat
Got upstairs and still caught it with the Hot Wheel track
But that was cool with me; cause at least
it wasn't in front of the buildin for the whole prjects to see
I remember as a kid, sometimes I used to think
you used to beat me for some shit that my daddy did
I realize, now I'm older and wise
When you used to put it on me still had love in your eyes
I remember what you used to say
You might not like it now, but you'll thank me someday


[Puba - over Chorus]
Thanks mom, I love you
For teachin me left from right
For showin me the proper way

Uhh, yeah
Momma momma momma - aight
Ohh momma momma momma, yeah
Uhh, to all the beautiful mothers, in the world today
Who strive to do they best, I know it's hard sometimes
But we wanna let y'all know we recognize
And we love what you do, keep doin what you doin
One love, Brand Nubian