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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  Fire in the Hole
Song:   Just Don't Learn
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lord Jamar]
We dealin with death, in abundance
Dirty guns and, the pungent smell, of those who fell
Bodies, like commodoties, ready to sell
Take you around the world for a hundred dollars
Meanwhile, a little baby hollers
Hopin that she doesn't follow in her mother's footsteps
of drugs and sex, every day, more thugs to arrest
And today could be the day you catch a slug in your chest
Funny thing about life - nobody, gets out alive
The trick is to see, how long, you can survive
We deprived of our basic needs
Sufferin at the hands of a racist greed
In the black wo-man's where I place my seed
When they grow, will they know, that I tried to make it better for them?
Will I be dead or inside of a federal pen?
Niggaz just don't learn, niggaz just won't learn

[Chorus: Lord Jamar]
As we walk through the valley of dry bones
Death from, New York to Cali, the shit hits homes
Niggaz with 40 calibers, that'll split ya bone
Other niggaz with silencers, with gats that's chrome
It seems the violence only escalates, I'm concerned
When the slug penetrate your flesh, see it burn
Livin with the constant threat, that it could be yo' turn
Niggaz just don't learn, niggaz just won't learn

[Sadat X]
On 8th Ave, keep bouncin in the Mave'
He don't even know the type of problems he gon' have
He facin obstacles, greed, it's the large city need
Remember when he ain't smoke weed
Jail hold's raw, spittin seed
In the Polo Grounds, in 89 we dodged steed
All the slaves ain't freed
Make him the captain, muh'fucker we'll lead
Shoot him in the chest muh'fucker will bleed
Cause way he's goin he's gon' need God-speed
I seen a man die, gettin shot in the eye
And then leave this earth with a sigh
I wish I had a dollar for every funeral parlor
that I been to, and I ain't tryin to end to
I've been a friend to a lot of dead niggaz
With multiple gunshots, niggaz used to run spots


[Grand Puba]
Now little shorties don't have a chance
Cause hard times be comin down like a avalanche
We play the streets until we carried on a ambulance
Day by day we be the victims of the circumstance
See the poison has us movin at a steady flow
It filters through your radio and your video
You ever once stop to think and wonder why it's so?
We don't know cause we blinded by the fog of 'dro, so we let it go
We dedicate our whole careers to save our dyin nation
Cause what we facin is the process of elimination
So busy chasin that our history begins erasin
A savage nation that is headin for anihilation
Time out - put the killin to a drought
And shorty stop runnin around puttin all them dicks in yo' mouth
I be concerned cause we burn baby burn
and we just don't, learn

[Chorus] - 2X