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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  Everything is Everything
Song:   Word is Bond
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Intro/Chorus: (x2)

"Word is bond, we got it goin on		
   "C'mon throw ya hands in the air
Brand Nubian'll rock to the break of dawn   
  in the air, in the air
It's like that y'all, ya don't stop		 
   C'mon throw ya hands in the air
Brand Nubian'll rock the sure shot"	  
  in the air, in the air"

Verse One: Lord Jamar, Sadat X

Whenever ya hear the piece of the track, peace to the black
peeps on the streets with the beats in the jeeps
Comin back in '94 with the raw that's against the law
It's the G-O-D, my delivery is C-O-D
Word is bond and bond is life
We got it goin on tonight, don't nobody wanna fight
they wanna see a tight show where some brothers might go for broke
Utilisin the effects of the smoke

More cash to smash to make the blunt last
Fill it with hash til it pass, don't even ask in the Flat'
Put ass in a grip, flags is half-mast
Somebody must've passed, we're makin your ass drip into the stands
Fold my cash at last, my task to teach the class
and receive somethin more than brass is a blast
Make a brother work hard, long and fast......

Chorus (x2)

Verse Two: Lord Jamar, Sadat X

Dreadlock, I send a rock from my block
Clock wax like crack, samplin from old stacks
That's where the soul's at, in this whole rap universe
We kick the funky tunes with a burst
Sun, moon and star, *?Sunbumba?* Jamar
To get me in the flow, now I'm read' to go
Set to show, everybody in the party that we're nice
wit out sippin on Bacardi and ice

The southpaw, ask your ma, I be the shinin star
No matter who you are, no matter who you are
I'll rape the tape, drop along in interstate
wit weight, wipe the slate and, mob the gate
And by fakin I'll avoid the court date, no legal aid
Everything's paid, while courts are tyraid
If the money ain't made, talkin millions
but spendin penny's and gettin cheap shoes from Kenny's


Verse Three: Lord Jamar, Sadat X

Now let's take time out to say peace to the GODs (PEACE)
Bust how I release cos this beat is hard
We be the squad from raw-taught to rule
Take a thought to the top now I drop the jewel

I push the Cadillac DeVille and still we real
I drive a garbage truck and not give a ........
I need to earn a buck four-a-year
I'm thru with buyin wild gear
Just somethin I can wear, somethin fly when I'm there

Well now we're here to take the gold and the cash 'fore the bill fold
I told their ass to chill and they're still cold
Frozen cos they're not amongst the chosen one
Sun shines like a beacon, similar to Howard Speake

As I receive the mic for the last time, I clear up your past crime
All felonies can go, as long as you know
Brand Nubian will stand, without the use of a band
We always work with a plan

Chorus (x2)