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Artist: Boyz N Da Hood
Album:  Hustle & Flow Soundtrack
Song:   Carbon 15's, A.K.'s & Mac 11's
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Geyeah!  Geyeah - ayyy
Get it Boyz N Da Hood nigga, Boyz N Da Hood
Ayy, ayy

[Chorus: Boyz N Da Hood]
Carbon 15's, AK's and Mac 11's
Bout to send you pussy niggaz on a stairway to heaven
Ayy - ye ain't no killer nigga, ye ain't no killer boy
Ye ain't no killer nigga, ye ain't no killer boy

[Verse One]
I took a sip and then I checked my pistol, then I hit my sack
and grabbed the phone, think I better call my sister, cause I need mo' gats
Nigga just bounced of prison and made the decision on how he gon' act
In the back of the club swoll up like the Hulk gettin bust
Steady talkin 'bout who he gon' trap
Who, meeee?  Southwest Atlanta O.G.
Great with the hand like the Gingerbread Man
But I pull the four-fifth just as fast as I can
Y'all niggaz ain't used to the pain
I don't even think y'all fucks ain't got no gat
I don't even think y'all niggaz ain't seen no blood
I can tell by the way y'all act
I can tell how you talk ain't 'bout no war
Tell from your chest you ain't got no heart
I can tell how you walkin, got no game
Thangs on us plus thangs in the car - yeah
Bopped and banged and popped and drained and pained and
dropped him maimed him dead, now thank the stainless

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Verse Two]
Yo.. yo, nigga straighten y'all faces up, but we know y'all fake as fuck
Y'all niggaz ain't got no balls, we know y'all niggaz ain't made like us
Lotta y'all fin' to get called out, lotta y'all fin' to lose y'all clout
If the rood to the riches lead through my hood it's best you change y'all route
Cause we like to play bump and rob
We can handle with the heat or we can squab
It don't make a bit of difference to me
Cause potnah we roll just like the mob
Y'all niggaz keep beatin y'all chest
Find someone else to impress
'Fore you get yo' back blowed out
Cause you felt the need for you to flex
A nigga raised to plot and scheme, and everyday live for the pop that thing
When it comes to this crack cocaine I put that thang to side of your brain

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Verse Three]
Y'all niggaz ain't real - y'all niggaz ain't real
Y'all niggaz ain't trill - y'all niggaz ain't trill
When it's time to ride
Jeezy the first one to grab the steel - grab the steel
Y'all niggaz some hoes - y'all niggaz some hoes
Y'all niggaz some bitches - y'all niggaz some bitches
Heard you turned state's - WHAT?!
Y'all niggaz some snitches - y'all niggaz some snitches
Y'all niggaz some frauds - y'all niggaz some frauds
Y'all niggaz some fakes - y'all niggaz some fakes
Doin all that flexin - doin all that flexin
And ain't got no cake - ain't got no cake
I'ma tell you like a nigga told me (geyeah)
Blow about everything around me (yeah)
Right in the Trap is where you find me (let's get it)
Try to rob me dawg it ain't likely (ayy)
Real niggaz dawg I run with them (that's right)
O.G., Meezy and Gangsta Slim (geyeah)
Ride the whole clip until I'm finished
Hold up - wait one motherfuckin minute (let's go)
Y'all lames y'all know how the game go (what)
Can't find you, shoot up your kinfolk (geyeah)
C-T-E to the sho' nuff crew (ayy)
Who's the killer, me or you?

[Chorus] - to fade