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Artist: BO$$
Album:  Born Gangstaz
Song:   Recipe of a Hoe
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Guess who? 
The down ass bitch BO$$!  
Speakin' on how ya dick'll be getting' 
Shot clear the fuck off! 
If ya keep, talkin' that shit cuz all bitches aint hoes!  
And i'm-a be the one to let ya stray ass know, niggaro! 
So many bitches 
Ya keep a file on em'  
State to state dick! 
Ya draws got too many motha fuckin miles on em'! 
But then again so many fakin' the fuck  
Claimin' they getting' it, 
but on the real they really ain't getting shit 
Steadily stressin' you knockin the boots 
Yo nigga please!  
You's a nappy headed havin', hoe ass rooty poot g! 
And any bitch can see for her damn self  
Niggas thats talkin' the most shit ain't even buldgin' up under 
Them belts! 
Ya fake ass wanna be a pimp mother fucker! 
Ya heard me right brother, this bitch here don't stutter! 
You no where next to the pimp you wanting to be, oh no  
Getting your nut on the solo from get go was a no no!  
Don't even think about steppin' to me see! 
I'm tellin' ya like it izzzz nigga.... 
I know the fuckin' recipe! 

Yep ya gotta,  
yep yep ya gotta,  
ya gotta let a hoe be a hoe 
(gotta let a hoe be a hoe) 

If yous a tramp ass nigga or no good nigga you get dissed quick! 
But ain't no tellin ya know my personalities split 
I could just gank you for 
Your shit without a warning  
Or fuck it!  
Shoot you now and get all this 
Shit over with by the morning! 
Fuck yeah!  
I'm feelin' on full too  
Another reason ya hoe cards pulled fool 
I'm down with all this shit you poppin'  
Hell fuck Naw! 
I don't wanna put a stoppin' to your hoe hoppin' 
Cuz when ya' runnin the motha fuckin streets 
In between the sheets every 
Week screwin freak after freak 
BO$$ is straight kickin' in the do' at ya crib  
With enough time to kill a 40 O.Z. thats how I live! 
Jackin' for cash and jewelry and all that shit  
Then off to the pawn  shop to get another fat ass grip  
And that's exactly how it is g! 
On the real tip..tip...tip.. 
I know the fuckin' recipe! 

Hook:  (repeat) 

And ya too cool ass niggas tickle me! 
Ain't nothin stranger 
Than you thinkin' that yous a big dick dangler  
Cuz nothins goin on but this rent 
So I wish you would! 
Come with that dick shit,  
Fuck you and ya' manhood 
Respect for a nigga, I ain't got it see 
Perverted ass rusty 
Bastards, be all musty and shit b  
Then always wanna hug up  
You say, "what up?", they ready to stick it in,  
I ain't no mingler  
So I'm puttin' 
Up my middle finger  
I'm through with all the bullshit... 
(awww bitch eat a dick up til ya hiccup) 
Naw trick! Eat this clit up til' ya spit up 
Ya need to be givin this shit up!  
Bet ya didn't know humpin' everything 
That wiggle and jiggle will make that dick shrivel  
Punks be wit ya on, and on, and on til' the break a dawn  
Once ya pregnant its a different segment  
The nigga gone with the quickness!  
Only thing you'll get from the "B"  
Is put quick on the shit list!  
So to the ladies if you're asking 
Me how I figure they just some mo,  
No good, pussy hungry ass 

Outro:  (repeat hook)