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Artist: Bo$$ f/ AMG
Album:  Born Gangstaz
Song:   Mai Sista Izza Bitch
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Aww yeah!  AMG's in the motherfuckin house!
I got somebody I want y'all to meet
Here's my sister.. ("BITCH!")

Yeah back again and again and again, it's the Bo$$, damn right
In the mood, I feel like fuckin with a nigga tonight
And can't no motherfucker slow me down, hold me down
Yo if I was you I wouldn't fuck around
Cause I was more than startin (?)
Watchin a nigga look up the barrel of my automatic
When a nigga panic, I just sit back and laugh
And if you got somethin to say, you motherfucker that's yo' ass
So save the whatcha say and all that bullshit
A lady like the B ain't in the mood to be fucked wit yo
Cause I'm a slick bitch yo, the way it has to be
Call me a true bitch cause my bitch is comin naturally
Yeah, that's the way it is, I just can't quit
when it comes, to fuckin your feelings and all that type shit
The brother AMG callin me a trip
Call it what you want, cause yo this sista is one hell of a bitch

[Chorus: AMG]
Yeah y'all, my sista is a ("BITCH!")
Yeah y'all know, my sista is a ("BITCH!")
Aww yeah, my sista is a ("BITCH!")
Yo 'Shell, kick it to the next shit ("BITCH!")

Let me, correctly break it down to ya, the term bitch
A sista straight up clownin ya, cause the niggaz ain't shit
So get this, this the season for the ladies to get, even
In the nineties we doin all of the D-O-G'n
Let it be known we know what's goin on
Niggaz be creepin and freakin, ho after ho every weekend
But see I'm out to get a grip, a sista like myself
I'll grab the gat and get hazardous to a nigga's health
And for the trick niggaz something's up my sleeve
and so you better check for your dough before you go
Today I feel like doin dirty shit, bein a bitch so to speak see
I think I'll be a bitch all week, me and the D-double-E
I got the shit you can't get with, hell yeah
Straight doggin, cause this bitch is legit

Yeah y'all, y'all know this is my motherfuckin shit
that showed you how to kick that shit (uhh tell 'em)

[Chorus: AMG]
Yeah y'all, my sista is a ("BITCH!")
Yeah y'all know, my sista is a ("BITCH!")
Aww yeah, my sista is a ("BITCH!")
Yeah y'all know, my sista is a ("BITCH!")
1991 and '92 ("BITCH!")
Bo$$ is in the motherfuckin house ("BITCH!")
AMG's in the house ("BITCH!")
Yo G, kick it..

A nigga wit too much dick to fuck wit
AMG's got the forty ounce, come and take a sip
Hoes love me cause "Word to the D" bumps
Dick for the chick, gun for the chumps
And yes, I love bitches it's true
Suck my dick, it's about 90 proof
You might get drunk you punk
witcha big ass and your female funk
Slidin a wave of thighs from your jiggable pie
You're burnin so fast, you can probably start a fire
Bitches ain't nothin but pussy with a attitude
She might fuck, or she might make your balls blue
And yo, smack the ho witcha dick
Cause she's on some new improved shit
Cause this ho is a ("BITCH!") that ho is a ("BITCH!")
So my sista is a motherfuckin ("BITCH!")

(hahahahaha...) Hahahaha, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh y'all!
Bitch, yeah
For the '92, AMG and Bo$$
Makin cash, hahahaha
Yeah.. ("BITCH!")