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Artist: BO$$ f/ Papa Juggy
Album:  Born Gangstaz
Song:   Deeper
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash *

* best guess only on the reggae patois

[Papa Juggy]
Cha cha cha
Hey watch out rude bwoy
You see how tight Bo$$ come man?
She just come down DANGEROUS!

	"Is that what time it is Boss?"
"Yo what the fuck is wrong with you?"
	"This is deep, but I'm goin deeper.."

I don't really wanna feel 
like I'm in a daze so I smoke big kill 
Just to deal with the ills like this fucked up trip (damn)
My skills ain't payin bills 
and it's fuckin with me and my grip (I hear you)
I drink that St. Ide's shit 
and smoke a ticket at the same time 
Drop a wicked bomb on my naughty nature 
I'm livin foul like a Nickerbocker (you livin foul?)
Bitch I'm not the woman to sleep but I'm lost (yo that's deep) 
Cause I be on some ole' I'm tired of niggaz 
tryin to come up off bitches type thing ("What can I do?")
And if I don't react the way he want he might swing 
his little trick bitch ass in another direction 
then don't even use protection
I hate stupid shit assholes can avoid 
Yo! And if worse came to worse I'll run a fraud on unemployed 
Cause who the fuck cares that I got gray hairs and can't sleep 
Know what I mean?  (Yeah hell yeah, that's deep)
	Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
	Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"

	"This is deep, but I'm goin deeper.."

Every now and then I start flippin and get to thinkin 
bout deep shit beyond all that bullshit 
I shoot at people (yeah I know what you mean)
but fuck it I'm evil 
And I'm hip to every bitch tryin to get a grip 
and every nigga tryin to get a grip but fuck that shit 
And I say fuck that shit with my mighty middle finger 
I'm heavy off into this rap shit, buckin singers 
Yo I think I'm gettin tense (word?)
Cause my dollars ain't makin no fuckin sense; but then again
it's probably all that chronic that I smoked 
I use to be like that when I was out there slangin dope 
and lately I been flippin on some old paranoid shit 
like lookin fuckers up and down tryin to start shit ("What can I do?")
cause I'm a hard bitch (So why don't you just soften up?)
I try to be cool but I get caught up when I go to clubs, straight up 
I don't even trust myself (yo, you can trust me) 
Fuck I know? (I'm just like you)
Riiiiiiight, that's deep

	Deeper and deeper .... 
	Deeper and deeper .... 

(Yo Bo$$ that shit you talkin bout that's some deep shit
 I'm tellin you motherfuckers can't really get with that
 relate to that shit)

[Papa Juggy]
Eh hey hey, I guess it's best we tell them mon
Everytime she come, she's detrimental mon
Yes mon, know dis
Hehehe, don't make me tell dem again mon, woyyy
She too hotta, tell-a-man she too hotta
Tell man she too hotta an' every posse know dat-ta
Yes, she too hotta, tell man she too hotta
For inside she come, she say de posse get flat come

Aiyyo, I got them buckwild thrills, livin foul kills 
I'm tryin to get to Watts but Im stuck in Baldwin Hills (damn)
Tryin to find myself for real though, check it 
If I just rewind myself I'll see it ain't that hectic 
Y'all dont hear me talkin but its time to get a stack 
Cause I'm about a second away, from goin back 
to the corner slangin dope (now you know you don't wanna do that shit)
gankin cluckers, jackin high, cappin marks 
I may be loosin my mind but better that than my heart (I hear you)
I talk a lot of shit but I can back it all the fuck up 
I'm real cool people until some bullshit get brung up
Look here, believe me I ain't comin out my crib 
tryin to snap on life and run out and do some dumb shit 
So I'll be takin another sip to relax me 
And get them problems out my mind that distract me 
Life is workin on my last nerve (yeah I hear you G) 
I'll see yo' ass next week, peace (yo that shit is deep)

	Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
	Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
[Papa Juggy starts again and fades out..]
	Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
	Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"