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Artist: Blue Raspberry
Album:  Out of the Blue
Song:   Vent
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Blue Raspberry]
It's hard to let go of someone you've grown to truly love
Someone who you put nothing above...
I feel so out of place, feeling that you took my love, a friendly game
And threw it right back in my face...
You couldn't see what was standing in front of you...
You hurt me, you played me, you lied to me
And made my worst fear of you come true
I wish I had known this, before I opened the door to my heart
You put someone else in a position
That I thought was my part
We had a connection, a tight bond, so I thought
You act like it's a game, but it's not
We're friends, we can be the best of friends...
I can't get what you did, out of my head
But the situation of us, ever being lovers...
We feel we're light as day
I've loved you so so so, much, I can't be with you
Knowing someone else you could easily touch
Like you touched me, you did this, you wrecked us
The one thing I thought was perfect
I could feel you when you're not around
But you and your testosterone, couldn't even hold you on solid ground
And I'm saying it's over, it's over, it's over
We can only be friends and not lovers...
I melt at the sight of you, and everything about you
But this I can't through, you're still beautiful
You hold a lot of good in you, but I could never do this again...
So many things I've done regardless of our situations
To prove to you, you've got me, my mind, my body and my soul
How could you do something so cold, I didn't expect anything like this from you
I was your damn fool, I love you, I still love you
That's why it hurts so bad...
In time you'll see, I would of been the best and most sincere love you've ever had
So I guess, I gotta look at it as a learning process
And wipe my tears and not cry, no more tears will I cry
So let's just kiss one last time... let's kiss one last time
And say goodbye... let's say goodbye.... goodbye....
It's over... it's over... it's over...
It hurts to say it's over... another chapter closed...