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Artist: Blue Raspberry f/ P-Wonda
Album:  Out of the Blue
Song:   Thug Luv
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Blue Raspberry]
On you... body, ah, hold my body, ody, yup
Rub my body, ody, ody, ody, ody, ody, ah

[Blue Raspberry]
From that very first date, when we met
You captured my eye
Crazy as it seems, I can't fight it
You stay on my mind
Now I've got you here, here with me
I'm never afraid
You provide the strong security
Please promise you'll stay

[Chorus: Blue Raspberry]
And I love, the way you love me
I place no one above, I just want your love
I love, the way you thug me
And baby, no matter what, I love the
I love the way you love...

Yeah, I love you too
Just to make it feeling mutual, baby, you're beautiful
I must be crazy for thinking all these things I could do to you
Or just maybe, I be craving for something freaky to do
It's probably both, true, but before we go through
Let's find some sort of agreement, for us to go to
See I be known for breaking hearts and doing girls rude
And it's gon' stay that way, just as long as this world move
But not like freedom when I'm in the jail
Get my coochie, put up bail, my due times, you send me mail
When they investigate, never make a mistake and tell
And if you do all of the above, then we can it there
It only makes it fair, unless you wanna create affairs
And end up having your business, everywhere
So if you feeling me, come here, let's turn up a beer
Light up an L, and get acquianted, it's real love

[Chorus 2X]