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Artist: Blue Raspberry f/ Cranston Juliani
Album:  Out of the Blue
Song:   Strange Trees
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Nina Simone "Strange Fruit" sample]
"Southern trees, bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves, and blood at the root..."

[Blue Raspberry]
He was no ordinary man
Grabbed my heart, he held it in the palm of his hand
Maybe you don't understand...
The man is like 'damn damn', oh no, I wanna let him go
But I can't... why do I want that man
So..., I do not know
I know he's probably not worth my thoughts
I can't believe I actually got caught up there in his game
But he's got a fleet running through me
Smooth, smooth, smooth, is what he is and
Slick, slick, slick, like a bag of tricks
Could he be a snake? Underneath it all

[Chorus: Blue Raspberry]
That man is like a strange tree
Bearing a strange fruit...
He's a liar from the leaf
He's a traitor at the root...
Afraid of what it can turn out to be
And I don't wanna hang around and find out cuz he's not for me
Keep him away from me

[Cranston Juliani]
Damn, I wished I hadn't seen her
I'm in love with a chick with two karats on her finger
Married with kids like Al Bundy, that's foul, money
But I'm steadily try'nna get her to bungie
But she ain't hearing shit from me, it's up at late rendesvous
It's like some Jerry Springer shit or Phil Donehue
Through sickness and health, that's what she pledged for
But it's business and wealth, it's what she rep more
But that's a whole different subject, I ain't gon' discuss
She got my head wide open, bout to get it busted
Up in the Marriot suites, forward, killing my budget
Thinking why I'm loving her, she can't be trusted
Fuck it, I can't even take the girl out in public
Without a problem, I don't wanna bury your husband
How I'mma get up out the kitchen, man, I'm in the oven
Bout to burn in hell for fucking with a married woman

[Blue Raspberry]
I think that I'm about to go insane...
Was a migrane... what a shame...