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Artist: Blue Raspberry f/ Cranston Juliani
Album:  Out of the Blue
Song:   Giving Into You Again
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Blue Raspberry]
Tender was the kiss, when you held me captive, in your, sweet embrace
My lips begin to burn, and my heart beats faster than the, known pace
I try hard to resist that familiar smile, it melts me, just like wax
But what's the use of yours, and that means forever, there's no, turning back

[Chorus: Blue Raspberry]
I'm out on a limb, I'm giving in, to you, again, baby, baby
I'm out on a limb, I'm giving in, to you, again

[Cranston Juliani]
Late night sessions lead to late night aggression
You behaving like a jealous female, but why you stressing?
Messing through my pockets, haven't you heard your lesson?
Requesting my phone bill, try'nna check my messages
In the end, what you find is subject with no predicate
My lover and best friend, insight the proper ediquette
I understand a woman's feelings, are very delicate
So if I say I'm at the studio, making a record
Then I'm at the studio, making a record
But that's when you get insecure, shit gets hectic
And I bet it's all steaming from the past, but don't let it
Jeopardize a bright future and what we have invested
I'm hold you down, you birthed my seed, you were respected
Teen using common law marriage, but I don't regret
Cuz our precious little angel, need both our blessings
That's right baby girl, she need both our blessings, bet it

[Blue Raspberry]
Since we've been, apart, I'm missing you
I'm so sorry, for ever leaving you
I didn't know what I was gonna do
But you know I'm a ride or die chick and I'm gonna ride with you
Baby, I'm, baby I'm, baby I'm, baby I'm
Giving into you again, baby I'm, baby I'm
Giving into you again...

[Cranston Juliani]
I know it's confusing, I quit jobs to chase this music
My daughter's almost two, and you don't want a life ruined
Over a pipe dream I'm pursuing, your pop's is heated
Now he's speaking to me, when he's not needed
If I ain't making hip hop, girl, then I'm not breathing
I guarantee I'll be on before Jada stops teething
You got doubt in your heart, cuz you're not seeing
The business connects and record execs, week out and weekend
We deal with it, it's a reason, cuz it don't mean shit
Until my name seeing the seven figures, it's a changed man
Maybe I can cop that seven karat ring, than
If you ain't gave up on me yet, what ya'll don't expect
But I don't know, sometimes you're like a demon
Swearing I'm scheming, with whole other shit on my semen
Other times you like an angel, I sware I'm dreaming
But even when we disaggreing, I ain't leaving