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Artist: Blue Raspberry f/ T.W.I.Z.
Album:  Out of the Blue
Song:   Feeling Incomplete
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: T.W.I.Z. (Blue Raspberry)]
Aiyo, I'm trying to see you tonight, what up?
(I don't know if I'm gonna come through tonight)
Why what's popping with you, what's going?
(Because, of some shit that was on my mind
That I probably gotta let you know)
I know this ain't gotta do with what I think it gotta do with
(Nah) So what's up with you then? (It ain't that)

[Chorus: Blue Raspberry]
I'm feeling your style, boy
You drive a sister, wild
And I don't know why, I
Why I need you, so
I'm really digging you
I'm trying hard to smile...

[Blue Raspberry]
You can walk with me, talk to me
Like no one else you've been with
I'll be your lover, I'll be your homegirl
Most of all, your best friend
The fact that we got each others back
I like that, no one, can top that
But we can fall back and realize
We can get away and count these still skies


Story how I caught contact, we met each other through some mutual friends
Would of never dreamed you'd build me, see unlike my mens
I was, umm, low on my ends, had too much pride to pretend
Sat back quiet, while my homies hollered at you and your friends
Heaven did the right move, followed by the right time
I caught the eye of a dime, with the thighs of a goddess
The mind of Einstein, and the voice of a prophet
And every word relate, I'm on some word to some fly shit
You played in your position, never questioning my logic
The way we blend, you couldn't match if we was twins and topped it
And sex, never a topic, we gets it on and popping
You make your body shake, ain't nothing fake, I'm feeling like
What I could do tonight, could fuck around and change your life
And when you lose control, and understand, it's on tonight
No games involved, still and all, you never met my type
You like a hundred miles away, but you done right in my sight


[Blue Raspberry]
When we kiss, I get a chill in my chest
Cuz it's so hot to know we can't do things with no stress
When things get thick, I whisper in your ear to drop it
But when it's close, you niggas act up, your girl'll get it popping

I don't know if it's just your voice that got a nigga addicted
Or how you run up on me, when I'm back from a mission
Keep it hood when we together, for the hugging and kissing
You keep it gutter with your boy, always play your position
Loving your back, but what turns me on, when you move a pack
Last time we touched, we was undercovers, moaning my tracks

[Chorus to fade]