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Artist: Blue Raspberry
Album:  Out of the Blue
Song:   Angel
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Blue Raspberry]
My... my angel...
Oh... (yeah, Blue Raspberry, D.O.X., come on)

[Chorus: Blue Raspberry]
Ooooooooooh... you're my angel... you're my angel...
Ooooooooooh... you're my angel... you're my angel...

[Blue Raspberry]
It's crazy the way I feel for you
There's nothing in this world I won't do
To have you, keep you, love you, please you
But don't get it twisted, I won't be a fool
You never gave me a reason, to ever leave this love that we share
I'mma ride or die for my baby, and for my baby I will always be there


[Blue Raspberry]
Chills went up and down my spine
I don't know what you've done to me
You give me love, respect, and trust
Everything I want in a man, you got the recipe
And I wonder 'bout you baby...
Everything I'm saying to you is real
I'm so happy I have you by my side
Cuz you're my angel...


[Blue Raspberry]
And everything about that walk, the way you talk
That talk you got, that off
Even though when I see you by my hood
I know you're up to no damn good
I love you, I want you, baby, I'm here for you, oh
I don't wanna tease you, I just wanna please you
And satisfy my angel....

[Chorus to fade]