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Artist: Blood of Abraham f/ Eazy-E, Will 1X (
Album:  Future Profits
Song:   Niggaz and Jews (Some Say Kikes)
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"We're not staying here tonight. This place is crawling with Jews!"

"Oh Harry, for Pete sake, not that again!
 There's MOST of 'em in this town
 It'll be night before we get there!"

"I don't care, I'm not bedding with a bunch of kikes!"

"Oh, for crying out loud, dad!"

"Hey, YOU SHUT UP, huh! I'm paying for this vacation
 What you pay, you can go to Israel for all I care!"

Well, in comes the neighborhood FUCK-up!
The indo lit, Eazy still be claimin nigga
cause all niggaz ain't shit; once a nigga, always a nigga
You niggaz is still a nigga, that's a REAAAAAL nigga, nigga!
BITCH-ass, nigga!
I ain't the okey dokey TRICK-ass, nigga
that motherfuckers, love to hate
+Stranded on Death Row+ with no escape
Now if you see me walkin down the street.. (Eazy!)
..RUN~!! Cause I'm the motherfucker with the gun
Clipped in and I'm cockin, drive-by stalkin
FUCK that car! I'm still walkin
("Muddy boy") Don't fuck with the...

"The niggaz, the Jews, the niggaz, the Jews"
"The niggaz, the Jews, they first thing you know"
"The niggaz, the Jews, the niggaz, the Jews"
"The niggaz, the Jews, they're standing in the back!"
"The niggaz, the Jews, the niggaz, the Jews"
"The niggaz, the Jews, the first thing you know"
"The niggaz, the Jews, the niggaz, the Jews"
"Hey look, there's one behind you now!"

Yo, the feeling that I get
I get the feeling y'all don't wanna hear
The kike grabbin the mic, RESPECT, change the dialect
The way you're livin, things could be filled up with changes
Lose this motherfuckin monk, you know I can exchange it
Livin the higher level, you're still fuckin with the devil
Nowhere to run and hide, I gotta slide in your dome
Gave it a fist and {?} forgot, don't call my rhymes poems
Mazik does and Eric +Duz+ too
Sometimes I rock the cradle (Okay I'm it!)
Then loose hit the heads with the wreck drive table flowin

[Will 1X]
In one two threeeeeee
No, fuck it, I'm talkin 'bout A-B-Ceeeeee
The A-T-B-A-the N-posseeeee
Then fuck it then you can get with the one two threeeeee
Yo 57, 53, a manufaction is recital
Boom with the A-clip, zone without a title
Schizophrenic, ass'll panic, psychocentric lyrics walker
Holy avenue, it seems this fuckin journey is never through
Yo over them hills I go, yo over them hills flows will
The +H20+ know pros, I'm smokin the bobo still
The action seems to be paused, on and off goes the pattern
So cover your fuckin abdomen, the niggaz and Jews scatter


Aiyyo mom~! Guess who's coming to dinner?
I think I'll pick the winner cause the winner bring harm
Here's another one sinner, sicker than hell, my sins are forgiven
Suppressed at the same time I lived in, so how you're livin?
Yo, you know I got the, gusto
Myself and the right-hand son manifesto
Leave embarrassed cause I'll roll you in the stairwell
Kickin shit with Atban Klann and Eazy Muthaphukkin Eric {"SA PRIZE, NIGGAZ!"}
Spare me that goddamn sob story
Cause you're scared of the niggaz and the kikes are gonna burn Ol' Glory
Same ol' story, same ol' scene, what you mean?
I'm free from a sling, I got my balls in a pachinko game
Need a shoulder to cry on, meet me on Mt. Zion
Cause the son is a lion, a null and void
("{*sniff*} Hell, you even startin to smell like a nigger, Jew-boy")