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Artist: Black Spade f/ Wafeek
Album:  To Serve With Love
Song:   Ship Has Sailed
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Let the boppers bop and the breakers break
Let the real stay real and the fake stay fake

[Verse One] [Black Spade]
Now, now, now
Introducin' B.L.A.C.K.S.P.A.D.E. in the place to be
If I'm wack then you wacker than me
You nearsighted motherfuckers wore contacts and still couldn't see
What the Black was cookin', got all y'all lookin'
Y'all only rock crack like who the fuck did your bookin'?
I'm so gone mad and nothing can save me
All new school niggas fuckin' with an 80's baby
Well, y'all niggas crazy lazy
No orphan your shit
Wanna have Cash Money like Baby
Tell me why it took five to take me
Cause you so soft, went to jail like, "Please y'all rape me."
In the land of groupies
Flash, flirty, fishes
Fake thugs with the cap, vultures turn to bitches
If I can't teach y'all, I'm not gonna show y'all
If that's what you want let the game deceive y'all

[Verse Two] [Wafeek]
Uh huh
Now it's the A double L-A-H-W-A-F double E-K, dummy call me Feekey
If it's too deep, honey call me freaky
If it's too deep, then your tummy hurt for three days
You never knew a nigga that could kill it raw
I'ma spit it raw and I'ma hit it raw
You can gon' 'head, admit it y'all
You think I'm a Broke Back packer like Jake Gyllenhaal
Forget it dog
I could be crude
But real MC's like pussy too
I could be two men because I'm contradictin'
The first one is C.M. the oppositive of M.C.
If you want to see him (C.M.) gotta get the Benjie's
The other one is "Thankful, you got to listen"
But they both hateful towards the competition
A lot of y'all are simply popular and indie
And I'm gone