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Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Album:  The Beginning
Song:   The Coming
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X sans last 4 "come" second time]
Here I come, come, come-come {*2X*}
Diddla-iddy come, come, come-come
Here I come, come, come-come
Here I come-come {*3X*}
Here I come-come-come-come

I got these haters on my back, these haters on my back
Gotta get these motherfuckin haters off my back
I know why they hatin cause I'm sittin on stacks
Now I'm steady chillin and I'm spendin all that
I'm a big beat pumper, they rockin my sound
Out in outer space, I come from underground
Now I'm on top, holdin town, ground
All them haters hatin on the bottom, drown

I'm a shot caller! Big big baller!
Mash the dancehall make everybody holler
Ahhhh - block, block, blocka
Ahhhh - ain't nobody hotter


Haters in my face, got haters in my face
I gotta get these motherfuckin haters out my face
I know how to get 'em, I'ma get 'em with the bass
Hit 'em with the rhythm Apl give 'em little taste

Autopilot, systematic
Hit you with that acrobatic
Automatic, rhythm magic
Here we come, we right back at it
One more time, do my team
Shinin bright, bling bling
Hit you with the bing bing
Like the way the beat swing

I'm a block rocker! Big show stopper!
Aimin for that #1 spot, now we got'cha
Ahhhh - block, block, blocka
Ahhhh - ain't nobody hotter


Eight arms, octagon
Straight charm, watch a Don
Man I got the bottles poppin
Party people got 'em rockin
Yeah I got the antidote
Here's a dose
Damn I'm dope
Check me out, here we go
Here we go, back for mo'
Hungry like an animal
High class, on the ground
Check the up and low my style
Blazed up, branded shoes
Jumping off like Delta Blues
Here I come, super cool
Servin you that new

[Chorus] - first repeat only