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Artist: Black-Ty (Tyrese) f/ Method Man
Album:  Alter Ego
Song:   Get it In
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[Intro: Method Man]
Scott Storch! {*echoes*}
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you!
The alter ego himself, Black-Ty
Girl, gon' get it in
[Chorus 2X: Black-Ty + Method Man]
Girl get that ass on the flo', gon' get it in
Drink some'n, smoke some'n, gon' get it in
Lean to the left and the right, gon' get it in
Do whatever you like, just gon' get it in
Walk up in the club and I got two dimes on my arms
Haters are grillin but they ain't gon' do no harm
So, let me do what I came to do
I got, to but I'm lookin fo' a whole new crew
who used to, doin it the way I do
And if you're ugly I ain't fuckin wit'chu
Pimpin ain't easy but if it's wrong I don't wanna be right
I'm leavin here with plenty of 'em tonight
It's Black-Ty with the M-E-T-H-O-D, Man
Storch on the beat, of course we gon' win
Understand I'm a grown ass man in the buildin
Hoes catch feelings cause they love how I get it in
[Method Man]
Yo, listen
I'm like Gil Scott shootin at shit
Last poet with that +Heron+ but this time, I'm shootin that get
Check my paperwork, I'm movin legit
I got this chick boostin my fits, amazin what she do to a dick
Oh yeah it's Wu bitch, pass me a spliff
Staten Island back in the mix, big boss nigga crackin the whip
Ain't no problem, I'm a master at this
These silly rappers is really actors who swag jackers yappin they lips
(John John!) Next MC, I believe that's me
Top model in the bottle of VSOP
It's guaranteed I'm a problem to a S.O.B.
And you can put half of that on yo' momma and the rest on me
Gon' get it in
[Interlude: Method Man]
Damn, I thought I told you
You can lead a horse through water
But you can't make 'em drink trick
Black-TY! WHAT!
Gon' get it in
Where all my smokers at? {*inhales*} Gon' get it in
It's poppin up in V.I.P. so go and tell a friend
Platinum status, official hoe mag-a-net
Fake thugs with Don Juan jux, I'm not havin it
You find me up in V.I.P.
Chillin in the back with a sexy-ass Puerto Rican mami
Watch me get busy up on these hoes
And my niggaz got ten apiece, we ready to goooo
[Method Man]
Yeah, yeah, Method Man and Black-Ty
"Is niggaz that fly?" Man do peas got black eyes?
Bitch recognize, grab your purse and let's ride
Look at Mr. Meth with your ex in the Rex-5
Man I can't lie, be advised big pimpin about to start
If this chick wanna back-talk, ERRRT, get out and walk
Don't slick talk, with women I like 'em feminine
Skin color cinnamon, mami now gon' get it in (get it in)
[Outro: Method Man]
Yeah, Method Man, Black-Ty
Scott Storch on the beat
Aiyyo Ty, my brother
Scream at your frog my dude, anytime
Aight +Baby Boy+? Ah-ha ha ha ha ha
You ain't know I was gon' sneak that in there on you
Did you Jodi? Hahahaha, yeah y'all
Ha-ha, gon' get it in