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Artist: Black-Ty (Tyrese) f/ Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Too $hort
Album:  Alter Ego
Song:   Get Low
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Girl go on drop that shit for the homie Black-Ty
[Chorus: Black-Ty]
Drop, drop, get low wit it
Drop, drop, get low
Drop, drop, get low wit it
Girl I wanna see that ass on the pole
Drop, drop, get low wit it
Drop, drop, get low
Drop, drop, get low wit it
I wanna see you shake that ass on the pole
Look at daddy's little girl, dancin on the pole
Look at daddy's little girl 25 years old
I like it when they nice and grown, they make me moan
They love gettin freaky when daddy's not home
She ain't afraid to get freaky in the parkin lot
She goes straight to the head, she don't talk a lot
Scorpios are the freakiest hoes
They be walkin 'round mad, cause they gotta wear clothes
Nope, uh-uh, not with me
I was born on the West, girl I'm off the heezy
I don't need extacy, I already a freak
Girl just get on your knees and - drop drop drop drop
(Go on drop it girl!)
[Too $hort]
You like a Chinese acrobat
But can you do a backflip in my Cadillac?
Jump out on the corner like you on the stage
When you meet a pimp, what you think I'm gonna say?
BIATCH! Cause I know yo' style
I'm the kind of nigga make hoes go wild
BIATCH! How you do that shit?
Sideways on the pole, baby do that trick
Cause while they wanna buy you bitches cars
When you dance, you make niggaz dicks get hard
I gotta give you my money cause I want a lapdance?
What you wanna do, make me cum in my pants?
You a nasty little bitch and I'm a cool playa
I'ma spank you on your ass and I'ma pull your hair
You think I wanna fall in love and move us up in a house?
Nah bitch, I wanna bust a nut in your mouth, biatch
[Snoop Dogg]
Can you click it, can you clap it, can you make it pause?
Can you slide down a pole while holdin my balls?
First you put it in, and then you take it out
Get low on the flo' ho, now turn it out
Biatch what you got for me? Money bubble cushy
Another way to get it or another piece of pussy
I heard she was the fire, well why you say that?
Cause she pay what she weigh homie, bring her to the back
[Snoop Dogg]
So I can put dick on her, dick in her, y'know?
I wanna see how low this lil' ho will go
She say she love Black-Ty, and Snoop Dogg
Well serve Kurupt and suck the big homie $hort Dawg
I like big bitches cause they thick
The type of bitch that like to eat a dick, now peep this
Look, all I really wanna see is asses clappin
Eat dick now and later like nuttin ever happened (get low bitch)
[Outro: Black-Ty]
Ha, I had to do it baby
Black-Ty, Baby G
With three triple O.G.'s, haha
West Coast niggaz, yeah
Ride, ride, drop, drop, drop
Ha, to all my niggaz in them six-fo' Impalas
This is what I want y'all to do
Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop
Aight y'all, to be continued niggaz
Black-Ty, ha