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Artist: Blac Haze
Album:  Stressed Out 12"
Song:   Stressed Out
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Aye yo
Blac Haze representin
Before I even start, I'ma fire one up (Ch-ch-ch)
Fire one up for my niggas [inhales]
That's for my real motherfuckin niggas, know I'm sayin?
I got so many playa hatin ass niggas, talkin shit behind my back
This just, this track is called stressed out
Cause that's what the fuck I am
I'm stressed the fuck out
Check me on this shit, my nigga

(Verse 1)
I wonder why they fuckin wit' ME?
I can't call it as a true
Momma done raised an alcoholic
I cock my nine, prayin that a nigga don't provoke me
Fuck the police, cause I know they all hope we die
Just a young nigga, caught up in that fast lane
I speed-ball, yes y'all, it's a fast game
But still wonderin why them niggas wantin ME?
Game official, never leave home without my pistol
Playa haters criticize, and no surprise
Trick bitches wanna fuck me, so they tellin lies
Tryin'a set me up , get me wetted
Keep fuckin with them scandelous hoes, you gon' regret it
Drama said bet it, and see I floss with niggas that straight chase
You'll be trippin when them niggas put them guns in yo face
Y'all fools don't want it, the bullshit, I don't need it
I'm smoked out, I stay weeded, my heater stay heated
They stressin me out, I'm trippin, why they actin wild?
I'm outta weed, so now I'm puffin Black n' Mild
Hennessey got me spooked, them niggas plottin
I'm screamin "wait a minute!", but them niggas ain't stoppin
Take me out the game, bullet wounds hit'cha frame
I can feel attention when them niggas say my names
If I gotta go, let me ride
You can never feel the pain inside
Nowhere to hide

What's my problem?
What's my motherfuckin problem?
Okay, I'ma tell ya my motherfuckin problem
Aight, how many fuck niggas
Got my fuckin name in they grille?
Stop talkin about me, nigga!
Stop playa hatin against me, nigga!
Ya know I'm sayin? Get'cha own shit!
Nigga, fuck me!? 
No nigga, fuck you!
Busta ass niggas...

(Verse 2)
Them niggas full of demons, I hear 'em screamin
Is my mind playin tricks? What's the motherfuckin meaning?
I cock my nine, I'ma burn on yo crew
My baby-mama, shit, she done turned on me too
I'm hearin rumors, I heard you're fuckin my man
Can't understand why she left me stuck in the sand
In '92, I lost my old G
I'm reminiscin' on the lessons, that she told me
Sometimes I feel, I'm about to kick the bucket
If them niggas ain't feelin me, fuck it
I'm givin testimonies, nigga wanna sear my fate
I'm squeezin all fifteen, split'cha spleen
Nigga tell me, why I have to be like that?
Aye yo Dave, them niggas can't see my trap
When I pull my shit, them fools die pronto
Nigga I ain't trippin, roll up and fire a toe
If it's the end, I'ma die on a high-note
Fuck savin money, cause most niggas die broke
Bitch made niggas, eat a dick, for the stress you caused
Show ya how a real motherfucka floss, real niggas talk

I bet'chu wonder why I'm trippin
I bet'chu motherfuckin wonderin
Why the fuck I'm trippin
I'ma tell you why I'm trippin, ya know I'm sayin?
I'ma tell you what the fuck
Every time I turn around
Y'all niggas in my ear on some gay shit, on some fuck shit
Criticizing me, why the fuck you criticizing me, playa?
Ya know I'm sayin, get'cha own shit my nigga!
For real though, on the motherfuckin real though
I'm puttin down, represent EKG world-wide
Ya know I'm sayin, I be smoked out
Cause I'm stressed out
Ya know I'm sayin, I be gettin high
Ya know I'm sayin, just to get by
Niggas don't understand what it's all about, my nigga
I'm puttin it down to fullest man, I ain't even do perfect!
But these niggas around me, they trippin
Causin me to just go off on some other shit
I stay on some other shit, I put it down like this
I'm a real nigga, I'm real with this shit
But right now, I'ma fire this joint back up
(ch-ch-ch-ch, [inhale] ahhhhh)
And I'ma... get high
Ya know I'm sayin... and do my thang
And let y'all niggas... do y'all thang
Cause I ain't trippin
hahaha.. ahhahaha.. I ain't trippin nigga!
I ain't even motherfuckin trippin!
Nigga what?
I'm just chillin nigga