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Artist: Black Knights
Album:  Every Night is a Black Knight
Song:   Knights or Nuthin'
Typed by:, ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Warcloud (singer)]
Smash the brook to the pipe and smoke it, to the pipe and smoke it
(It's strictly +Knights or Nuthin'+)
Black Knights, Black Knights
West Coast, Wu-Tang, Killa Bees (+Knights or Nuthin'+)
It's like disease in the breeze
(It's strictly +Knights or Nuthin'+)
Now we gonna rock it

Eh, eh
Nowhere man, a scorpion in the hour glass
Crows pickin' at flesh, they got devoured fast
Power blast lyrics that knock you through thirty walls
Now stalk through the pitch-black forest with dirty claws
War in the brickyard, clouds in the sky
A grasshopper has five eyes, family ties
Moses in the hole, great day in the morning
Old man Minerva battles with the Muffin Man
I rule the fuckin' lands, zombie at the drive-in
Lonely, vision a snake eating a pony
Lyrics, may cause vomiting, even death
Eighty men lay in the lot with broke necks
Swell 'em like rappers jaws, got a sponsor
Wu-Tang niggas move like classic monsters
I weigh more than all of Iceland
A toy monkey playin' the cymbols in an antique shop
I'ma stampede pop
Cold beer and won't sleep
Standin' on the terror smoke signal with verbal gold leaf
Big Warcloud, creator of all things
Lord of Lords, King of Kings
Diamond in the sling, one world to wash
Saturday's room be Mars on the frost

It's +Knights of Nuthin'+

Who could fuck with Black Knights?
The type to snatch mics
When it's goin' down, it's goin' down
You ain't knowin' you goin' out
How my style control the crowd
Breed niggas expose the style
of a red nigga, dead niggas ain't nann now
Fuckin' with the flow, let you cats know, we swarm Digital
How we bring the Punishment, still runnin' shit
Still never love a bitch, give 'em nothin' but nut and dick
Cuz bitches ain't shit but, ho's and tricks
But, most niggas ain't shit but, ho's with dicks
We real, you bitch, prob'ly the type to sip where you piss
You wish you could step to this, mic specialist
You got no win, I'm like that weed you can't hold in
That increase ya heart beat and leave ya lungs swollen
You didn't step into some shit, ya silly ass dove in
Head first, my click let lead burst, we network
State to state, we make the fake migrate
Annihiliate those that violate, we play for high stakes

[Chorus x2: all (singer)]
+Knights or Nuthin'+ is the law that we live by (+Knights or Nuthin'+)
Die by, from the home of the drive-by
Walk by, take a trip on the darkside (+Knights or Nuthin'+)
Underground hip-hop, we got this shit zip-locked
+Knights or Nuthin'+ is the law that we live by (+Knights or Nuthin'+)
Die by, from the home of the drive-by
Walk by, take a trip on the darkside (+Knights or Nuthin'+)
Underground hip-hop, we got this shit zip-locked
+Knights or Nuthin'+

[Doc Doom]
+Knights or Nuthin'+, nigga
I'm +Cold Blooded+, the type that like to get high in public
Doc Doom's the shit, when I spit it, niggas love it
Can't get enough of these rough rhymes, or these raw beats
Break the best rapper's ass down like a stalled Jeep
Keep flow, for all you, so-called rap pro's
You act, Bolo niggas is the ones that brought the gat, foe
Asshole, what should I give you a pass fo'?
First you was tough, now you don't want no hassle
See big guns make big niggas turn bashful
Whip out heat, they give you everything you ask fo'
Everything from diamond rings to cash flow
Hand the shit over gradual then slide off casual
We mash fo' +CREAM+ and respect, I'm mean with a Tec
West Coast style, take you off of yo' set
Cuz now y'all niggas fuckin' wit vets
+Knights or Nuthin'+ is the motto, kill you off if you ain't comin' correct

Clean sweep, took the first pitch, knocked the homerun
Black Knights known to grab mics, leave the spots full blown
You know motto, the +Knights or Nuthin'+, so stop frontin'
Like you ain't heard this high pitch through your twelve-inch
Don't care which Alpines, I keep those six-by-nines thumpin'
+Jumpin' Jumpin'+ like Destiny, I laced it with the Rugged recipe
You know my technique on a raw beat
Speak a Digi slurred speech but aggressive with the mic
All mine, it's strictly Black Knights
Steal the spotlight, show niggas how to rock mics
the right way, spit like a King, M-O-N-K
The conqueror, smash your sponsor
Learn the lesson from the Black Knight lethal +Silent Weapon+

[Chorus x2]