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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  Crossroads 2010
Song:   Gangsta Music
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[Bizzy] Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
Y'all cain't stop it
Y'all cain't stop, gangsta music-sic-sic-sic-sic-sic
Y'all cain't stop it
Y'all cain't stop, gangsta music-sic-sic-sic-sic

[Bizzy Bone]
I guess my mother had a bad Bone
See back in the days she left all her little kids but nowadays she be like mad home
They told me to make a statement, I'ma make this blatant
People act like they Jesus, and others play the game for Satan
This is the end of time
And I'm the only lil' nigga in this motherfucker, Noah style, catch my line
"106" don't like my music
But I got fans overseas tellin me "B.B. come through and let the states lose ya"
Yeah, yeah, BUCK BUCK!


[Bizzy Bone]
Ibuprofen 800, I get along with Russell Simmons
And Lyor Cohen; drip, my different fam flowin
Michael can change his nose, Michael can change his clothes
The only thing I take off Michael was those pantyhose
Everyone think I'm crazy, everyone think I'm drunk
I told the world I was molested and they called me punk
No compassion or passion, my khaki suit be mashin
But let a nigga come with some tight jeans and they call it fashion?
Rappers don't battle me, I call them all out
Ain't nobody said a word, Bizzy Bone no doubt
The voice is just stupendous, his fanbase is tremendous
So I decided to give you all of me on Heaven's canvas
Painstakin in childbirth
I tried my voice on Auto-Tune they said it just ain't work, my voice just too twerk
I'm from the middle of the universe, I should be Captain Kirk
Motherfucker I earned it, and plus I put in my work
Yeah, yeah, BUCK BUCK!


[Bizzy Bone]
Can't stop my gangsta music, I keeps this gangsta anthem
Look at the blimp, like a pimp, ohhh Tony Montana
I'm #1 amongst my greatest with my country grammar
Twenty records, still goin, I persevered through cancer
I'm hearin "106" don't like my music
But I got fans overseas tellin me "B.B., let them states lose ya"
I do my shows, y'all some lyin hoes
I'm never sued because the promoters ain't do what they were supposed to do, ohh!
Wendy Williams, you need to kill the noise
You made your name up off of gossip and laughed, cause I was touched as a boy?
Get on my nerves like you the next Oprah
I put it on Tyra Banks, you look straight up like a drag queen mixed up with a gopher
I'll never forget what you said about 'Pac, I'll never forget what you said about Big
I'll never forget and I never forgot, I never forgot
But you commentate like you got the scoop, bitch you like 70 years old!
Listen here grandma, you was Geritol when Melle Mel was cold