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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  Thugs Revenge
Song:   Feel My Soul
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[Intro: Bizzy]
The Lord can feel my soul, we are never alone
Bone smokin sticks and stones
Words can never hurt me, have no evil
Where do we go from here? The Lord, the Lord

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
The Lord can feel my soul, we are never alone
Bone smokin sticks and stones (words can never hurt me)
Words can never hurt me, have no evil
Where do we go from here? Wherever if baby

[Bizzy Bone]
Let nothin break your loyalty cause loyalty be royalty
Gather up your people we be congregatin, toiling
Soiling, diggin deeper watchin the speaker
Righteousness, tender hearted temperature boiling
Humble me, words written feedin the hun-g-ry
Christ Jesus, I be preachin your name certainly
Bumbling and stumbling baby we still comin
Harmony army sent you, from the land mothering
Brotherly, Heavenly Father tryna help 'em
Smother me in your mercies, render my everything
Tenderly, baby remember me?
I said it's plenty B wherever you go, September, G
Hellified, tell the truth, don't lie
I don't have the luxury to play I must provide
Melody, border of my musicianary missionary
Never no status, we positionary
Heavenly Christ Jesus, son of the father
Shed blood for my people, respect it and you can call me
Definitely, if not him? Pssh, better be
A little somethin for you to remember me


[Bizzy Bone]
Baby we gotta get 'em, helpin 'em out now
Some way, some motherfuckin how
Through the court trial, people sentence me and I smile
On lockdown, lettin me out like wow
It's only one, spirituality to feelin the rock crowds
Peepin me, I never put the top down
Shootin at me, find the fountain top of the mountain (chow)
No adultury, bravery is the sacrifice in Jesus Christ
Yessss - and he came in the flesh
And yes he paid the price, just like war say
When I read it, you know I got excited
David is the Psalm red, I feel so invited
Gatherin the family tell 'em I love 'em, they remember me
Heavenly, smokin in, carry that
Knowin me, journey past blasphemy
Baby tried to capture me, honor mommy and daddy - only one


[Bizzy Bone]
Pray daddy not mad at me, they tryna tear us apart
They put they hands on me, will you bless me? I'm from the heart
Little Bryon baby, love everybody I'm around
Payin attention baby, even even if you down
And the frown on, and turn it upside down
You put the smile up, I move on fast real quick, real quick
In the weapons of the mind real slick
Now give me grace and peace
Praise the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit
Increase the beast survive, your relatives and tribe
As long as you spiritual, you always alive
By the bloodshed in Jesus Christ, I truly thank you
I'm livin in vain times, I love and I'm truly thankful
I'm never alone and I think about you
I don't have to worry, I'm alone and I sing about you
So as we here to greet our brothers with the spiritual kiss
Let us be stiff fast and Heavenly rain, give me your wrist...