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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  Thugs Revenge
Song:   Don't Be Fake
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Yeah, yeah we gon' beat these demons down within the mind
with the sound within the mind, beat on this shit
C'mon now let's get this shit together
C'mon, beat this shit down baby
Well let me show you how the Midwest rocks, west rocks
Well let me show you how this Midwest rocks, west rocks
Let me show you how this Midwest rocks
We gon' get this motherfuckin money young'n, what nigga! Hahaha

[Bizzy Bone]
I was rollin the I-80, holdin the vibe baby
Police up in this bitch, you know they hate me
With a motherfucker to search me, and a motherfucker to curse me
And it all end up to them walkin it like you not dirty birdy
Bringin it most certainly, you don't want me, quit frontin
Ol' hater hater hater hater, quit stuntin
Plain and simply bluntin, nothin for nothin that equals nothin
And I'm still walkin and needin that somethin
Vision a perfect woman, a vision of perfect women
Ch-ch-check out my melody, check-check out my rhythm
Inspiration is God, spiritually we can see
In the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, it's whatever you need
Break bread so the demons can eat
Handle my money like Yvonna, it's just me the G
Call it what'chu wanna call it, feel me I'm in a venna{?}
Shut up so you can get some real manner
My momma my Rosanna-anna, just me and my Joanna
Hey, pick up yo' stamina, hit 'em like wow
You know I love my style, I'm not a faker I'm the real
I'm walkin in my sins in this precious metal and steel

[Chorus 2X: Bizzy Bone]
Now do you want me? Don't be fake
And don't have the nerve to try to play me like you're real
I'm tryin to eat off the plate, baby please peace be still
Thou shall not kill, we in the belly of the beast

[Bizzy Bone]
It was a setup, motherfucker don't ever think I let up
I peeped out of every movement when you get up
For the woman that never loved me, only just to wipe away my smile
Was it jealousy? Mad cause my hair was wild?
Ain't no vanity, never was surrounded by no enemies
One glass of Hennessy, mind on the trinity
Heavenly, somebody got pissed, at the caucus
Give me a leaf and let me break down college studies and collars
Ballers, shot callers, I'm comin up
Dug up, up out the grave, now pay attention to the thug
Can you try that? Fellamina, Robert and Masadonia
Bryon never forget bitch, can you buy that?
Plus the one that I gave you, a real diamond, no cubic zirconia
Headed for Mariah like it's right around the corner soldier
Shanaya said it best, I guess it's war
So what the fuck you think I landed on this fuckin planet for?
Now keep the lust, eat the coochie cause I know that steez
I heard you say that you was lovin but you said it while they dissin me
Dissin me, dissin me.. why they dissin me? Fuckin crazy


[Bizzy Bone]
When it's, said and done, one we still standin
Haters'll never find me, no matter how they demand it
Pay dues, pay price, pay more than thrice
Don't get mad when I pop up with ice - little haters
Alligator snake skin, serpent with yo' fake skin
Wanna be a man, be a man than me
I'm a child of God, and you can call it if you wanna
Homeboy grab girly if you wanna
But he won't even claim her, fuckin same dude tryna frame us
Bitch please, I'm already famous it's stuck in the danger
Never cry, I know the Lord is the greatest
He in secret, you don't need to be searchin
No hatred, cause I'm a soldier for the Lord
Wise, and I'm humble with that double edge sword

(Hahaha, it's that "Thugs Revenge" mo' murda)


[ad libs to the end]