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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  The Story
Song:   Bizzy's Story
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[Intro: Bizzy]
The one baby!
As a child, army days, cancelled the fun childhood
After runnin away with mom so many times
It's tearin their relationship apart
I wasn't doin anything but bein a kid, no evil in my heart
Never played in the area of they minds, anything like that
Just a normal kid, yeah, yeah
I remember messin with these little girls around the corner
My stuff wasn't even hard
Remember a brother was lookin for a little candy out the park
My mother went, my mother vent, momma what happened, momma I'm scared
Momma my head, so won't you get it baby
We carry on, we carry on, we carry on, we carry on

[Bizzy Bone]
Experience with different women, my dreams
And Sirita was a Cleveland and Sirita was clean
Now I'm explorin, the world around me very much learnin
And a, nurturing phase and a, lurchering phase
God with dirty people comin against me
It's the life of the dead, record of company defend me
Still workin, the musical group, is that the crew?
Are they with me? It's Mr. Majesty, Capo and (Que!) Que, huh
From the West Wing, soldiers of the West Wing
Money straight flowin, it's the best thing, best thing
They say sacrifice is I-N-C
With my buisiness partner Kanardo Davis, D.A.P.
That's the love, that's the love, that's the Lexus, that's the Benz
That's the thug, that's the thug, that's the thug, that's the thug
The owners, it started in the night life
I don't even remember havin fun, all I can remember is a trife life

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Bizzy's... story (we want Bizzy's story)
Bizzy's... story (we want Bizzy's story)

[Interlude: Bizzy]
Time to clean up and get sober man
The kids came moved over I took the last $90,000
and put it on a $5,000 square home and got $10,000 worth of furniture
Frigerator full of food, it's for the kids
We moved on and we got a nanny
After much struggle we had a home, finally

[Bizzy Bone]
My early manhood, strange bein the man of the house
Without Sirita it was terrible, small as a mouse
Soon I met up with the women in the park got married
It's the way that we do it now it's time to get carried
Las Vegas at the time wanted a mother of mine
Myself I needed somethin I could shine
Fortunately, goin to the fast, gettin at last
Hey, I'm bein tested...
Irreconcilable differences, it's not over
I lost my house and my jewelry got stolen
And the kids were back with Sirita - it was the worst feelin
that you could think anybody could have, and Lord I need ya
I'm runnin around the struggle, runnin around the crib
We ain't gettin robbed again, we ain't gettin robbed again
Paperwork's an issue, attorneys and lawsuits
And the lawyer fees concocted to get me fucked up and keep me on recruit


[Interlude: Bizzy]
Yeah, the "Resurrection" and "The Gift" came out
Beautiful deal and we worked it out for about a year hittin shows
Doin the road workin real real hard
Well shit, we had a new team and fresh settings and a healthy body 
for the road after 11 months of sobriety
Shit recorded that album in L.A.
And of course we gettin the kids back
I think I'm gon' get married

[Bizzy Bone]
Still never could I fight the night
All the women tryin to take my girl's place
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, up above, up above
Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Feel the love, feel the love
I could not, find in a physical looks, it wasn't there
After goin back and forth to L.A., L.A. cares
Handlin business, we under new management
But I'm growin, you know I'm still flowin
And another year passed, we still gettin gold and dash{?}
It's the greatest appearence, and they showed it like wow
Dodge, quick, move!
You know you got to be slick and watch out for that bullshit
Watch out for that pulpit, they got me standin and I'm duckin the guns
And yes I'm duckin the bullets and it's always 'bout the one
The one, we represent it forever
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I still remember


[Outro: Bizzy]
I can remember drinkin with Uncle Damon and his buddy 
while we shot ball in the back 
And finishing up I was thirstier than a muh'fucker
I ask Uncle Damon for a drink of the water, shit he said "Sure, drink it"
Ice cold cup sweatin and I gulped it
It was Gin, wasn't water, but I still downed it
Uncle Damon said, "You got a rock gut boy"
I used to think about Man Man often (Man Man often)