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Artist: Bizzy Bone     
Album:  The Gift 
Song:   Schizophrenic 
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Yeah, Daddy's the crackhead 
Mama's just lookin' for love 
Marijuana, weedman, little thug 
We don't call him Steven 
Breathin' in the garden of Eden 
Eve was corrupted body combusted from the flames 
Cleveland ain't give me nothin' but game 
Goin' insane and It's rainin' bloody murder, murder 
Chillin' in the gun range servin' on the corner, corner, chop, chop 
Watch for the po po, drop top switches on the lo lo 
Your skinny nigga with the fo fo 
Make more hot tips like off in Dodge City 
Elevation say they ain't gonna dodge Bizzy like my kin folk 
In the lock down love I don't even budge 
Cause I don't know you 
And I'm sure to get my thug on, ho 
Who that baby's daddy, daddy is beatin' your nigga 
Where his Caddy is? 
He probably mad in fact don't panic 
Profanity I'm schitzophrenic 
How do we manage so frantic and calm 
With the bombay sneakin' on me, baby 

In the battle zone, battle zone 
Y'all near the end, y'all near the end, y'all near the end 
In the battle zone, battle zone 
Y'all near the end, y'all near the end 
When I bust ‘em on down 
In the battle zone, battle zone 
When I bust ‘em on down 
When I bust ‘em on down 
In the battle zone, battle zone 
Y'all near the end, y'all near the end 
When I bust ‘em on down 

Little Layzie feelin' the Quija shit it ain't easy 
Niggas beneath me tryin' to deceive me 
Wanna defeat me please not even these could keep me 
All on the wave length buck to the bang 
Why they gotta stay and make me faint? 
War paint, walk the plank 
Fuck the bass smokin' hay 
Me, I ain't no joke 
And then some more dope then you'd ever know 
E-I-L-O, hello 
When I'm all by myself let it go, let it go, let it go 
Rollin' with my posse your way, hell no 
Draped in Versace got me on lock 
Did they rock the bells and play 
Straight from the glock, glock love block later tears away 
And consequences got me drinkin' free, yes i'll pay 
And that's a pain ‘cause I was stuck in a rutt, you'd say 
How do we stay in the war zone 
Bizzy Bone, gotta phone and then lay on the floor gone, goin' on 
Probably know we read 
It's hard to be in Bone here we are 
In and out your car, and calm 
Call me in the 7th song 
Regime, you can't get in the battle zone 


I see no black queen, nigga searched it 
Then your other boys cursed the term 
Run up your weave with one hand 
I don't show no mercy 
Of course! 
Who the fuck is a six, six, six, seven make the mayhem 
Start blastin' on you, bitch 
I come relentless where your killas at? 
Posted up both of my henchmen
Remember then, Twista when you wasn't aluminum foil 
Strive to strike gold 
And it might go slightly less dissin' the loyal 
Money say I'm the royalty 
Heltah Skeltah and Speedknots
Oh, you got lots of shit to say 
You better respect me, mothafucka! 
Seance and they knock me off with the Valium 
Buy your bitch from my madallions 
While my posse scopin' you ho's 
Slide my Mazarati to that slick bitch 
Yeah that trick bitch 
I'm ruthless, Bone Thugs, Bone Thugs, sign who? 
Get at ‘em, nigga! 


We got it jumpin' like peanuts 
Get up and see us 
Fuck with the words to the song all night long 
Baby, believe us damn my man keep bumpin' my back 
Get you some rhythm, musta just got outta prison 
Skippin' the kid but you with him 
Do the walk say, “FUCK THE COPS!” 
Give it up some hardtimes gettin' in 
Welcome to the bar, baby 
We thuggin', huggin' this broad 
And she rubbin' on me squeezin' my ass 
Better check your pockets 
Better not steal my cash 
Ask Cube we be clubbin', clubbin', clubbin' 
I'm your nigga in a bucket, like fuck it 
He think he ballin' in a Mercedes 600 
But he wasn't, wasn't, wasn't, wasn't, wasn't 
But he wasn't, wasn't, wasn't, wasn't, wasn't 

(Chorus til fade)