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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  Speaking in Tongues
Song:   What U See
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[Intro: Bizzy]
Representing the one forever and ever and ever
We come to you from another dream
From another time, another station (it is only one true God)
Praise God in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit
(Could you tell meeeee)

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
Could you tell me what you see, you see, you see, you see
I can read yo' mind baby (I can read your mind) I can read your miiiiind
Hahaha; could you tell me where we'll be, we'll be, we'll be, we'll be
I can read yo' mind baby (I can read your mind)
I can read your, and I can read your mind (I can read your miiiiind)

[Bizzy Bone]
Most immaculate, elegant, pick up a piece of paper
Put ya Pamper on; scamper run, militant get ya Panther on
The crooked of tryin to pull a caper, cause they wanted a vision
Now it's honey-coated for the dumb shit; evil don't run shit
Wanna see the picture for flesh and desire sentencing
The essence to the fire and purge, deeper inside ya
Reaper be right behind ya, keep it movin be blessed
It's the test, only the best, beautiful love, yes!
Can't believe they wanna hold a brother back like this
God provide, ride through the pine without a dime
Baby think it's a crime, and she always get pissed
Get ya ego out the way, baby listen to this
I got a problem with racism, placism, hatorism
Gatorism, prejudice, demons all in the way
They don't even ask you for identification, what did he say?
Get ya money little homie, they'll never know you're okay


[Bizzy Bone]
Listenin to bullshit, knockin on wood
Praise God don't get it misunderstood
While I was rollin through the hood
Boulevardio, you should +Let Me Love You+
like you was listenin to Mario, it seems that I can't budge you
But those crooked thoughts they don't harm me though, shake that, shake that
Money-maker tryin to get the paper blamin poppa for everything
Somebody tell me who put the food on the motherfuckin, table
Pumpin up because the fuckin humans actin able
Lamb, cram to understand plan, baby boy like Clark Gable
Gone with the wind, with a full confession like Conseco
Now all of the rest of the baseball players step up
Glory be the god of the name of our lord and savior - Jesus Christ
Ain't no weapon formed against us will prosper
Send the streets they needed medicine, and God'll send a doctor
Gon' break 'em off real proper
Even though they really don't want you to prosper
So now you judge me, and only God love me  ahh!


[Bizzy Bone]
It ain't a question or a notion, commotion it'll just happen
Words written but we freestyle rappin
Keepin it movin and we groovin in the spirit for show
Bringin the light into a halt, and we caught, and it stop like whoa
Don't turn around, no rebirth in the salt, nigga let's roll
Baby don't turn around but she's persisted to go, mmm
Purified clean, write it in chalk, don't even talk
Let's concentrate on the mission little baby walk
Some say it's a weapon, the weapon of weapon of mass destruction
of body combustin trust if it come outside
See it's real in the battlefield, plenty fuckin battle scars
Switchin rides, switchin cars diggin E, peep the stars
Where we walk in the streets bad feet keep stallin
Bad wanna come me way, hey, he gon' keep talkin
And they wonder who, who's tellin 'em dodgin, God will provide the logic
Get the action in that you need through any ya problems, woo
Now if you accept it and you accepted just know that you're really respected
And the love that we have collected through the pressure of presence
See he's a present, and it's comin from my heart in its essence
These words we meshin together for further evidence of the lessons
Are you likin what you feelin? Nah, I think I feel it
Not to be Marvin Gaye, but baby you need some +Healing+
So we take it to the tabernacle then pass that feelin
Touch millions with the gifted that the father is willin
Look at ya people with some movement as we bond lookin improvin
That's the love you always enjoy to enlighten bein void
Gettin noid stay poised it's comin, don't you feel it?
You got it? I know you got it, you got it, I see you chillin
One love