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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  The Midwest Cowboy
Song:   What Do We Say?
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[Chorus 2X: Bizzy Bone]
Hey, what do we say, say, say
+Creepin on Ah Come Up+ baby this is the way that we play
I try to warn ya every day, day
In the belly in the brain
In the belly in the womb while we walkin in the water
Poppa I'ma keep it movin doin everything I gotta keep it
God above the heavens and earth, Heavenly Father Father Father

[Bizzy Bone]
Well it's the baby and I'm tunin in again
How are you doin my friend? 
Baby I'm feelin I'm doin so fine, sippin that ghetto wine
Watchin the world spinnnnn
I'ma get you there
Room enough for you to go anywhere
that you wanna, hit them corners
Get that money, stay off the streets, I need to warn ya
that the shit gets hectic, searches for purses 
Curses, feelin like you worthless
Time to reveal the real, you know what it is 
But baby I do miss my kids
Shit, feelin get it right for you 
Day one, two, three - you feelin me troops?
And do what'cha gotta do, let me flip that matrix 
Beat that hatred, playa you can say it 
While I'm walkin in Eden seemingly
Illustrate wanna kick back 
You don't wanna play wit it, tell a nizzle that we play wit it
Uh-uh, don't wanna play wit it
Move when I move, do what'cha gotta do 
And I watch that shit, no, gotta move dude
Good vibrations, skip that mansion 
Look at that bullshit, still tryna trance 'em
Ya need to romance 'em and lighten a lantern
Duck that green, unless it's patches
The rapper Bizzy Bone sees 
Bryon McCane, he sees fathom 
No mathematic, automatic, duckin the physical
Let me touch the rhythm so un-hypocritical
Stay little, stay brittle, that's bitter
I'm wit'cha, I'm wit'cha, I'm wit'cha

[Chorus] - 1/2X

[Bizzy Bone]
Ev-erything... forever
for the love of Christ, Christ
He paid the price, price
Murder him twice, or shake dem dice
Bryon McCane is the name my mayne
Brother we are the same it's plain
Rationalize, snapped them thoughts for me 
Rough for me, all for me, God is the greatest reign
Stars and the quest for the righteous steps
Complete one let's never forget
So hard, no disregard
Call on the road when I stand in the yard
I am not no double agent
because God can split soul and spirit
Solemnly speak to me, Abraham plan for the man keys 
Speakin to me speakin to me speakin to me, gimme gimme gimme
I can hear you clearly
Here's a tear for me, in the year with B
Like a grain of sand they say the day would be
They not feelin me man, they not feelin me man
Devil damn, we're runnin in a valley already 
Steady as we go, drop that Chevy
Steady as we go, drop that Chevy
Heavily the melody the felony and I plead the fifth 
I plead the one, I plead the gift
Shifted and lifted you feel that shit
Put the skully on, walk 'til we heal that shit
I plead the one, I plead the gift 
Shifted and lifted you feel that shit
You put your skully on, walk we gon' heal that shit
Heal that shit, feel that shit


[Outro: Bizzy]
I'm wit'cha (I'm wit'cha) I'm wit'cha-'cha-'cha
Cause I'm wit'cha uh uh, and I'm wit'cha uh
And I'm wit'cha (I'm wit'cha)
And I'm wit'cha, uh uh
And I'm wit'cha, uh uh
And I'm wit'cha (I'm wit'cha wit'cha)
And I'm wit'cha (I'm with, I'm with ya)
And I'm wit'cha, uh (uh)