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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  The Midwest Cowboy
Song:   We Come Right Away
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[Intro: Playalitical]
Yeah! Hahaha
What you didn't believe me?
This the year of Illuminated
I told you we was gon' shut this shit down

[Chorus 2X: Bizzy Bone]
You, you, you, you
Better call Regime cause we come right awayyyyyyy, bay-bay


[Bizzy Bone] 
The valley of death, go creep in the shadows
and gallop to gallow, the way that we ride
Probably thinkin it's over, the other side
baby divided, go peek at the time
Reminded to open the pupil, the blind, look at the duty
Don't think that I look at the booty
From everything that I was listenin
whippin and tippin the dirty, the mind, uhh!
Distinguish is somethin they keep on on tellin me
I don't know nothin
Wanted to conquer the competent, never be pompous
stay dominant, givin 'em doves and
In the name of the Father, the Son 
and the Holy Spirit, feelin the love
And the beauty is real, beautiful field
Remember thou shalt not kill, the brother you're near
Whenever you need me I'm never exceeding
the beautiful blessings and beautiful lessings
I'm never gon' stress, I'm not here to impress 'em
and it's plain as steel
Look at the metal, the metal, now metal
now let me go grab it before we collide 
Remember we'll never be hesitant baby
remember the Lord provides, one time!


[Outro: Bizzy]
You, you, you, you, you, you
Shit! Gimme another one, WOO! {*echoes*}
Gimme another one