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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  For the Fans
Song:   Priceless
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Yes indeed
I'd like to thank God for everthing
You father... all
In the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ
Sendin' shots out to my family members
I just want you to feel me
I know you think somethin' may happen to me
I know you might think I'm crazy
You know it's ok though, you know what I'm sayin'
It's no matter where to the very, very end
Gon' love you, you already know that
You know what I'm sayin'

[Verse 1]
Ruby's and sapphires, these jewels they never expire
my love is so Priceless, sister sledge, I ain't no liar
the time is so dire expire
While walkin' through that fire
I'm a keep it movin' boo, I'm not Tired
I remember the west side, I, I walkin' a wire video
Thugz Cry Cry, cry baby girl admire
you'll always be a diamond, in my eyes
Girly was hatin', heh
Vivica I can feel you I'm talkin' without even Sayin'
uh, I guess the twist of this tongues
a blessin' from the Father
I've been disinfected, wiped clean go ask the barber
whatever You do talk to my sister, she's an honor
she gon' make sure that she Scope out the scene
should I be botherin' I just want you to feel me

My family they are so priceless, Filamina, Robyn and Roseanne
Masadonia you are priceless, Cassie, Hope, and Heather, Rockie
Grandfather, praise God for the blessings give me a dollar

[Verse 2]
What, you
Don't remember me, you are priceless we still fam
I don't wanna strum Up no messed up thoughts for my momma Roseanne
and my momma think That I'm crazy
but baby I'm all good, baby I'm all hood
whoa, sounds Good, lately things have been Jacked Up
I know you 'member me actin'
And I never just came to waltz in, came in blastin'
with a passion I put the (?) on
and quickly changed up the fashion, and I feel 'em
They tryin' a, question you homie, that's called back stabbin'
they Laughin' at me daily and deeply you don't beat me
and they tryin' to Embarrass me, baby they don't ever reach me
but Hope and Heather They taught me, and Cassie would never hurt me
and if I ever done Anything wrong Cassie still love me boo
you was earthly, uh

My family you are so priceless, Filamina, Robyn and Roseanne
Masadonia you are priceless, Cassie, Hope, and Heather, Rockie
Grandfather, praisin' the Lord for the love and the blessings give me
A dollar

[Verse 3]
I just want you to feel me fan a song of we gotta be
wise as these Serpents, I gotta be humble as these doves
and I gotta-gotta, go to Make this money
I can bring back the paper, all the milk and the honey
And I'm walkin' in my sins again and I'm still strong
but baby I'm Hungry, I know you hungry
feelin' mummy and crumby and after so many Bad moods
bad spirits and bad news
peep up the shoe, shoe, my family
My blessing's the reason I manifested quick love songs
so quit stressin' I'm still present
never stop love boo-boo, it's the deepest
know that The Lord loves you, you praise sin, you raise him
yeah that's Jesus, uh And the Holy Spirit feel the lyric
the beginning of wisdom is fearin' God
praise God, your so (?), and I wanted to write this song to you
So you know, no matter what happens
I love you to the very, very bitter End

My family they are priceless, Filamina, Robyn and Roseanne
Masadonia they are priceless, Cassie, Hope, and Heather, Rockie
The Grandfather, hey, praise God, for love and the blessing's give
Me a dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar

Holla, holla, I never play you
Man, I never play you, you my boo, and I'm able to tell you that because
I truly, truly love you, see it's a such thing as being a virgin in a
Physical sense, and a virgin in a Spiritual sense, see that's something
That even if they knew about it and they read about it and they already
Caught on to, they'd never give that shit to you, you understand what I'm
Sayin', and you already know what it is, in times of need confess with
The tongue, in the name of the Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit
Amen, praise God in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, one
True God, holla back